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  1. brittney81895

    Dry hopping

    Made an all grin weizen and I am not happy with the final product. I think temps were a bit too low causing the abv to be way too low, 3.5%. Instead of dumping it I thought I would experiment. I was think of adding something to the secondary like dry hopping for aroma. Is there a hops that would...
  2. brittney81895

    Sour flavor

    I made a basic wheat ale and then added a can of cherries that i got from the lhbs. Now that its in the keg it has a sour flavor. Not real strong but i can taste it. Do you think i should dump it?
  3. brittney81895

    Porter learning curve

    When trying a new all grain porter recipe what went wrong, what did you learn from it and how did it turn out the second time around?
  4. brittney81895

    First time from grapes

    10/12 I crushed 210 lbs of muscat and zinfandel grapes. Added 3 packets of yeast. It worked really nicely. Punched in down once a day. 10/24 the activity had slowed down. I pressed them and the brix was 10. I put 8 gallons in an oak whiskey barrel, 6 gallons in a carboy and 1 1/2 gallons in a...
  5. brittney81895

    5 gallon corny keg

    How long does beer last in 5 gal keg before it starts to lose aroma or begins to get off flavors?
  6. brittney81895

    Flat beer?

    I just bought a couple of used kegs and new o-rings. I cleaned it all up and transfered a perfect pilzner. It looks amazing! I moved the keg to a warmer area to begin conditioning while I enjoy the porter I have on tap, and that was when I noticed it....a newbee mistake. I didn't have seal...