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  1. Wolfhausen

    Beerfest 2

    Was it my imagination or did I see somewhere about a Beerfest 2 movie. Anyone hear anything.
  2. Wolfhausen

    Infected bottles

    Ok so something went wrong with my first batch. Beer is very sour. Question is is it good idea to reuse the bottles. Im bleaching all my equipment and will be more focused on sanitation next go around.
  3. Wolfhausen

    first brew

    I finally got around to brewing my first batch today and have it in the primary now. I had to use the electric stove as that's all I have. Never could get up to a good boil but it was close. Time will tell if it hurt. I already have an outdoor burner on the way to brew the next batch.
  4. Wolfhausen

    My brew kit still fresh?

    Because of being super busy with work and me wanting to wait till it cooled down some here in Texas I have put off brewing my first batch. I bought a kit back in August and wondering if it will still be fresh enough to make a good beer. Its a liquid malt extract....
  5. Wolfhausen

    Sterilized bottles

    About to brew my first batch in 1-2 weeks, cant wait!!. How important is to sterilize the bottles before you bottle. I have seen some discussion on this but I think some are confused by sterilize and sanatized. I could run them through the dishwasher without any soap or anything or stick them in...
  6. Wolfhausen

    New to homebrewing

    Totally new to homebrewing and excited to learn and get started. I purchased a kit and it should be here soon. One ? I have is my well water is super hard, would it be good to brew with or should I go a different way like buying some till I can get a good filter. Great site here with a TON of...