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  1. beerme70

    Different flavor from same batch

    I keg from the fermenter, an SB CF10, with good old gravity......not closed pressure transfer, and I rack the rest into a bottling bucket....sanitized of order to evenly distribute the corn sugar/water (boiled) solution. I have always bottled the same way.
  2. beerme70

    Different flavor from same batch

    Okay, here's the, I want to preface this question with a short background. I have been AG brewing for YEARS......about 20 to be exact. I have an extremely efficient 3 vessel setup, and do 10 gallons at a time. My usual M.O. is to keg 5 gallons and bottle the other 5. So...
  3. beerme70

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Cybernetic Organism
  4. beerme70

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Old times
  5. beerme70

    Show us your bar!!!!!

    Is there a BAD PLACE to drink beer?
  6. beerme70

    Tilt hydrometer

    Why do different solutions? Your standard "analog" hydrometer should read 1.000 in 68* distilled water. The Tilt should be calibrated in the same fashion. Everyone I have talked to that use one say that their results are within the +/-.002 margin.
  7. beerme70

    Vote for your Grain mill Gap setting

    What do you do, then, if you have a drill that has only 2 and on? (I have an old corded Black and Decker)
  8. beerme70

    Is all-grain really THAT much better than extract?

    Short answer.....YES. With that said, BIAB or extract brewing is, IMO, better than your run-of-the-mill commercial beers anyway. With AG, you have a LOT more control and a LOT more options to twist, tweak, and refine your recipes. No matter HOW you brew, though, you're brewing. THAT'S what's...
  9. beerme70

    Length of beer lines

    It's been a hot minute since I built my setup, and I do believe that I am wrong in my post. I think I DID in fact use 10 ft of 3/16. I am in the process of replacing my lines, and I do believe that I may have ordered 20 ft of the wrong stuff. Soooooooooooo, my bad.
  10. beerme70

    Length of beer lines

    Actually, I am one of those that uses 1/4 ID line. I use 10 ft per keg, and am only traveling a short distance....say, 2 feet. Perfect pours every time.
  11. beerme70

    Show us your bar!!!!!

    @jlinz Looks awesome. I like the stein collection.
  12. beerme70

    Building brew house in basement ( long term build) and would love opinions.

    I have one question for you.......who the HELL still uses a ROTARY PHONE?
  13. beerme70

    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    The OP was the inspiration for my build.
  14. beerme70

    Show us your bar!!!!!

    This was a LOOOOONG labor of love. 5 years in the making, but after the last child left the nest, I was able to get it finished. My little hole-in-the-wall. A great place to throw some darts and watch the Preds game.
  15. beerme70

    Barrel Aging

    A suggestion.....if it's the JD whiskey barrel flavor you're looking for, might I suggest getting some JD smoking chips. Steam them or soak them in some cheap vodka to sanitize them, then rack your beer onto them and secondary for about a week or so.
  16. beerme70

    Home making a kegerator

    Sanyo mini fridges are the most common that people use to convert over. If you decide to go with a kegerator and not a keezer, there is a trick to drilling your hole in the top for the tap tower. You have to contend with the evaporator lines under the surface, and you don't want to drill into...
  17. beerme70

    Perlick Tab and PBW

    All Perlicks are made from 304 stainless steel. It's all good.
  18. beerme70

    boil time ?

    I use keggles in my brew setup, each with a 240,000 BTU banjo burner set about 5 inches below the bottom of the keggle, and it takes about 20 minutes or so to get wort going.
  19. beerme70

    My SS Brewtech Mash Tun Review

    Like I said, an empty butter tub works great. I just scoop ot out into a bucket and dump it into my garden beds to till in later. Makes great compost.
  20. beerme70

    Single tier all grain set up

    This is an early picture of my setup. I have improved on a couple of things, but the foundation is still the same. Chugger pump, two 100,000 BTU banjo burners (Agri Supply), and superstrut channel. I got the basics from a post from Gifty74...