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    Portable duda diesel chiller and Chugger pump setup... NICE!!!!

    I had an old Sam's Club dolly cart that I think put me out about $25. I had a new chugger centerline pump and a duda diesel 18" 30 plate chiller that I needed to mount somehow. Thinking that portability would be the name of the game I put this together. Some old poplar wood, some clamps and...
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    Hop Bitterness Troubles

    I don't get why when I follow the recipes and do the required hop additions that my beers taste more bitter than desired. Am I not supposed to do 60 minute additions? Maybe instead of 60 I should do the at 45 or 30 for bittering. I use pellet hops and muslin hop bags. Any thoughts?
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    I just looked this morning and my first ever batch is bubbling away in a mad state of fermentation. I am making a Porter from MoreBeer and I am hoping it is everything I expected. A couple lessons learned: 1. I made an aquarium pump - stone aeration setup that seemed to like to float in the...