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    First Experiment : Hanfbier (Hemp Beer)

    First of all I want to say I am talking about LEGAL sterilized hemp seeds. Not the good stuff. I will be brewing this on Saturday as a first experiment. I've seen a few hemp beers around, but not too many, so decided to give it a go while waiting for my 2 15 gallon fermenters to free up, plus...
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    From iGoogle's how to of the Day

    How to Make Mulled Beer - wikiHow How to make hot mulled beer. This actually sounds pretty good, I think, and is something I may end up trying.
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    Brew Club Single Malt Challenge Recipe Help

    So I'm brand new to all grain, one batch under my belt. Turned out pretty good. So my home brew club is having a single malt challenge in december. I was just gonna do the Creme of Three crops, but I wanted to modify the recipe just a tad. I know there are some skilled people on here who can...