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    Adding bourbon to Holiday Brew too much?

    Everyone, I am brewing my first batch in 3 years this coming weekend. I am going to do a holiday brown ale with a hint of cinnamon, coriander, orange peel, and ginger. I am tempted to split the wort and take half and do a secondary fermentation with oak chips soaked in bourbon. Has anyone...
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    Pectic enzyme in a braggot

    Bump, bump, bump?
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    Pectic enzyme in a braggot

    I brewed a cranberry braggot last weekend. I used 6 lbs of orange blossom honey and 2lbs of rehydrated cranberrys. The cranberrys were added 7 min before flame out and I added the honey after flame out with the wort temp around 160 F. I stirred it and let it set for about 10-15 min and then...
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    I'm thinking about brewing a cranberry braggot for my wedding. I'm curious what the general consensus here is on how popular a braggot would be for the general population. Is it worth it or should I brew something else? I thought I would at least brew something exotic and not something they can...
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    List your favorite 3 beers

    Paulaner Salvator DFH 60 min IPA Illvicino Scottish Ale (anyone have a clone recipe for this one?)
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    Double check your thermometers

    I work for the health dept and brought home my calibrated thermocouple a couple of weeks ago. My floating thermometer was 6 degrees off. I bring home my work thermocouple now when I brew.
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    Super Bowl (Brew) Day... whatcha brewing?

    I'll be doing my first AG. Blood Orange Hefeweizen. I converted the recipe from "Extreme Brewing" with a few modifications. :)
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    Are northern brewer's grains pre crushed??? need a response quick

    I asked NB the same question about my BBP kit and they told me the grains are crushed when shipped.
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    Can I use the extract for my Partial Mash as a starter?

    Bump. I'm thinking of doing this today and brewing on Monday. I am planning on lagering the starter so I will not have any off flavors. I'm thinking about doing a 4 quart starter and then adding the yeast. Thoughts?
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    Can I use the extract for my Partial Mash as a starter?

    I am brewing a partial mash doppelbock (1.088 OG) this weekend and was wondering if I could use the 3 lbs of extract as the starter and then mash the grains a day or so later and add that to the wort, or vice a versa. If this is a good idea, when should I add the second part of the wort...
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    Largest amount of grains you can use with partial mash

    Hey all, I have been looking for this info on the site but can't seem to come across it and I am waiting on my copy of Designing Great Beers to arrive. I do not have the equipment to do an all grain, yet, but am going to do a PM doppelbock. I've been looking over recipes and had a few of you...
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    First recipe for a partial mash, please comment.

    Bump. Any doppelbock fans have some comments?
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    First recipe for a partial mash, please comment.

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate you guys taking the time. I'll stick with the pils LME and figure on a 90 minute boil. And thanks DB for the recommendation. I was already going to try the PM method you posted. That is what inspired me to try PM. I figured I would get a few extracts...
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    First recipe for a partial mash, please comment.

    I just finished using Beersmith (thanks for the suggestion guys!) to develop a partial mash doppelbock recipe. I only have a 5 gallon SS pot so it is not a full boil. Here is what I have... 6.60 lb Pilsner Liquid Extract (3.5 SRM) Extract 51.16 % 3.00 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (2.0 SRM)...
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    How do I convert an extract recipe to a partial mash?

    Thanks for the replys, I'm new at this. This will be my first PM and once I get the equipment, I will go to AG. So it will help me with the amount of grain I need while subtracting the appropriate amount of DME? Or do I do that manually and just keep an eye on the OG? Also, if I am using...
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    How do I convert an extract recipe to a partial mash?

    I have the extract recipe for Dogfishhead's 60-minute IPA and would like to convert it to a partial mash. How would I go about doing this? thanks, Kurt
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    Will going to a partial mash get rid of the extract twang?

    Thanks for the quick responses. I guess I'll be trying that PM doppelbock now......
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    Will going to a partial mash get rid of the extract twang?

    I have brewed a few extract beers and have been generally disapointed in the results. My primary is empty (god forbid!) and I have seen a few threads on partial mash and am considering moving to that. I do not have the money to go AG but plan on obtaining AG equipment over time. My question...
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    Sanitizer Question....

    Revvy, I saw you were getting your Iodophor at a Ranch supply shop. Are you getting actual Iodophor or an iodine product? I've been into one local one and can get iodine but not Iodophor. Also, is there a time limit on how long a 5 gal mixture of Iodophor will last or do you just use test...
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    keeping ferm temp consistant in winter

    You could do what I am planning and brew a lager. The yeast will love the colder temps....