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    krausen slow to fully drop?

    Hey guys. I'm brewing a batch of hefeweizen, following the mini-mash variant of Paulaner Hefe in Clone Brews. The only thing I'm doing different is I'm using WLP300 instead of the recommended Wyeast 3056. I pitched at 65F and have been fermenting between 62F and 64F for about 12 days. My concern...
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    Drop temperature after hefeweizen ferementation begins?

    Hi guys. I'm kind of a newbie, but I've searched a bit and haven't found this topic mentioned a whole lot. First, some background. I'm brewing a Paulaner Hefeweizen clone using a recipe I got from my local homebrew store. The recipe called for WLP 300 or Wyeast 3068 but I've decided to try WLP...