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  1. Terek

    Induction or Convection burner 110v advice

    I'm looking to change my brew in a bag set up from gas to electric. I don't have a 220v so I'm looking for advice on a good convection burner that will plug into A 110 outlet and not pop the breaker every 5 minutes. 10 gallon pot, 5 gallon batches. I have a 20amp outlet in my brew room that i...
  2. Terek


    got out to anderson ranch last weekend, and the kokanee where slamming. We got 44 on saterday, and left sunday at 1030 with another 27. all went in the smoker a few days ago
  3. Terek

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    just picked up a new toy, so i will be beheading a few of my chickens and putting them in this baby. Also will be brewing a red rye ale. Long, hot, fun day ahead
  4. Terek

    Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Clone Attempt

    this recipe is spot on, if you follow all the directions. Especially the step mash schedule, and dual dry hop schedule. Those are the keys top success on this on. Im brewing it again tomorrow morning
  5. Terek

    The Answer Was So Simple, duh ..

    if you are making a clone beer, and you change the recipe, then dont expect it to taste anything like what you are trying to clone. People put a lot of effort into tweeking there clones to be spot on.
  6. Terek

    Best method for yeast washing

    you are opening a big can of worms, here. There are so many different ways to do it, and everyone will tell you there way is the best. The truth is, they all work. I have tried many different ways to save yeast, and they all work. You wont taste any difference whether you wash it, or just pitch...
  7. Terek

    Brewing with Chocolate, Methods and Process

    great info. im doing a milk stout today, so i think i will put some coco in it now
  8. Terek

    MyPIN TA4 being screwy.....

    I am having a big problem with my new myPIN controller. I got it all set up for my 3 wire 100 probe. I tested it in ice water. It was reading 24* high so I adjusted the settings to drop it 24 so it was reading 32 in ice water. Now I tested it in hot water. My pen thermometer is reading 105 but...
  9. Terek

    Giveaway for Inkbird 1500W temperature controller

    im in. like the looks of this product
  10. Terek

    60 Min/90 Min Boil Question

    your boil rate wont very. it will always be consistent. go off of that, as just boiling till your target is inaccurate. For one, your volume will go down as the wort cools. and then adding things, like a chiller, will screw with that as well. Your pot will boil off the same amount per hour...
  11. Terek

    Welch's wine

    for tannins, and they act as a yeast nutrient
  12. Terek

    Conditioning/Aging question

    i was kinda wondering this with my barley wine. is it better to age colder or hotter? I can leave it in the ferm chamber at 65* or i can put it in the basement were it is 52* what would be better
  13. Terek

    Too cold for wort chiller?

    i just brewed a barleywine the other day, it was around 8 degrees f. I kept my hose in the bathtub up until i needed it. Ran out, hooked up, and chilled away. No problems, but the hose froze within 2 min. of me shutting it off. I live on a farm, and hooked my hose up to the steel spiket out in...
  14. Terek

    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    me too :) especially when they talk sht to me about how they have used both, and there $250 mill is "so much more superior" to my corona mill. How the crush is so much better and adjusting is so easy. I just laugh and laugh as i look at my $15 reciept, and my 82% eff., and think of all the stuff...
  15. Terek

    All-grain Brewing Alone

    i brew all grain alone 99% of the time. its really simple. just think of doing 2 extract batches back to back. Just use your down time during the boil to clean everything. use your down time during the mash to prep for the boil. make starsan, measure out additions, get your fermenter ready. Im...
  16. Terek

    What's growing on my beer

    deffinetlly an infection. A lot of people try and do this. I say if it tastes fine, go for it. Its a pretty heavy infection, i cant believe you cannot taste anything
  17. Terek

    Drilling into a side-by-side fridge

    there are never any refrigerant lines in the door, so drill away for tap handles.
  18. Terek

    Apfelwein from 2014 any good?

    i just opened a barley wine that has been b ottled for 6 years. Beer/cider does not go bad in bottles. Especially an apfelwine. It will only get better. let it sit a few more years.
  19. Terek

    Ever felt like just not brewing?

    happens to me quite often. Since it takes all day, i try to do 3-4 things at the same time to kill the dead time you get on a brew day. It can easily become over whelming and end up being a long, arduous day. My last brew day consisted of brewing, smoking bacon, smoking fish, working on the pig...
  20. Terek

    Help on conical fermenter

    you can get a fast ferment much cheaper on amazon. Under $100 that right there would make me choose this over all the others. Half the price for the exact same thing, sounds good to me. Plus the SS bucket does not have a valve on the bottom of the conical. Just a drain valve up from the...