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  1. Rob_B

    gin bbl aged sour?

    I would say a saison and a gose would be great options. If you want the gose can be a clean beer if you sour wort or mash then boil. I did a bourbon barrel gose that was great!
  2. Rob_B

    Canned sour cherries for oud bruin

    I've used these cherries in a sour brown with good results. I strained them and I think it ended up at about 10 oz of cherries per can. I ended up using 8 cans in a 5 gallon batch, so about a pound per gallon. Great cherry flavor and aroma. They should sell these at your grocery store.
  3. Rob_B

    Hefe yeast for sours?

    I've got a Sauer Weizen that's about 10 months old right now, it's tasting nice. I did a gallon test of this a few years back from a batch of Hefe. Makes for a nice sour.
  4. Rob_B

    Base Yeast

    I use T-58, belgian esters for the brett to funk up.
  5. Rob_B

    Kriek Lambic question

    From experience I've bulk aged for a couple years at ambient with no ill effects. I would pitch your bugs rights away and skip the US-05. Also I would wait until the beer is where you want it sour wise before adding fruit. Age on fruit for approx 2-4 months. Package, wait & enjoy.
  6. Rob_B

    AEB Keg Sale + 5 Gallon Giveaway -

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  7. Rob_B

    Is my beer dead?

    There should still be plenty of bugs floating in solution. Keep the airlock full and otherwise forget about it for awhile. You may not see a Pellicle and you will very likely not see any airlock activity just be patient. It will be rewarded!!! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  8. Rob_B

    Bourbon Barrel Char and Sour Bugs

    I've been using 5 gallon whiskey barrels for sours with no noticeable issues. Of course my beers going in them already have bugs. And honestly I just rack out one beer and in with the next. Not quite a solera since I'm removing most of the beer but I'm leaving enough of the microbes in there...
  9. Rob_B

    Kit Upgrades, Keg Deals + Much More: it's Black Friday/Cyber Monday @ Kegconnection!

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  10. Rob_B

    Infected Stout? Questions...

    If it's tasting fine now I would say keeping it cold would help to limit the bugs growth. They should be fairly dormant at serving temps. But just in case go ahead and drink it up fairly quick. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. Rob_B

    SS Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway

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  12. Rob_B

    Spike Brewing 12.5gal Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

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  13. Rob_B

    Ultra Barrier Silver Beer Hose Giveaway from!

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  14. Rob_B

    Kegconnection Complete Starter Kit and More Giveaway!

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  15. Rob_B

    Pellicle Photo Collection

    [ QUOTE=MarshmallowBlue;6245833]100% Brett C Mead (bochet style): ONLY 4 DAYS OLD WTF? Man that's gorgeous! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  16. Rob_B

    10 G split into BW and Gose

    Are you planning a boil? How do you cool your wort? You could pull 5 gallons out just before you do a spice addition. Them add your salt and coriander and there's your gose. If you're doing no boil for the Berliner then you are already have separate 5 gallons batches to do a boil on the gose...