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    Just bought a sixer today. 14 bucks in NH. Not a bad brew. Don't really think it is worth the high price. Also I-Hop, your "Frank the Tank" quote intrigues me. Seems some time ago on a racing web board here in New England, there was a poster with that screen name. If I remember correctly, he...
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    Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

    Up my way $12.99. Hesitant to spend that kind of cake. On a side note, still have a bottle from 94 of their triple bock.
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    Maple Syrup

    I remember about 15 years ago when I first started homebrewing. Did a kit for a Guiness style stout. Thought I read the directions thoroughly. Found out when I took the SG before pitching the yeast, the recipe was for 4 gals. Had topped off the ale pail to 5. Had no brewing sugar available. Saw...
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    what's the deal with church folks???

    I guess these "church folks" seemed to have missed the sermon in which a certain person turned water into wine.
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    MMMMmmmmmmm. Hot Sauce!

    Back when I lived in East Boston. I would go to some of the local hispanic grocery stores and get some great imported sauces. Don't get down that way very often anymore. But can find this sauce at a local Wally World for $1.40 a bottle. El Yucateco Salsas y Condimentos The Red Habanero...
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    I hate ignorant people

    Did you even mention you were a homebrewer? That you had a Hefe in the works? Lot of breweries in Germany are so small they only serve the immedaite locla area. Bring him a bottle. I am former military myself (Army, 13 months FRG) 11 years total. Any Army guy I know of would never refuse a...
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    Finding rigid foam in Nor Calif

    If it is a rigid (stiff) foam insulation (board), then color does not matter, nor whether it has "shiny, silver" paper. The most important value for insulation of any type, is the "R" value.
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    Unequal fermentation

    What is the SG of each batch?
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    KIt instructions - HBT advice needed

    I say go for it. Only thing I would change. What is the liquid yeast you are using? Cool the wort down as fast as possible. And pitch/ferment at the range that suits the type pf yeast.
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    Horkey...know it?

    Also known as "Soul". Couldn't find anything else Southern Colorado Beer Examiner: Trinity Brewing Company is now anointing beer lovers! TRiNiTY BREWiNG COMPANY Taps
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    I keg but want to send someone a sample...

    OATMEAL STOUT, excellent. had some micros a few years back that were that type. Yum. I love beer. I am partial to extremely full flavored ales.
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    I keg but want to send someone a sample...

    Pretty simple. I used the True Brew Irish stout kit. True Brew tm Section 2, turning the heat off. Well I put the coffee grounds in the same bag as the grains for steeping. Follow the rest of the instructions accordingly. The batch I mad has been fermenting 13 days. Going to check...
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    I keg but want to send someone a sample...

    COOL:ban: My goal is move from bottles to keg. My twist to the stout. 2 packs (1 pack for one pot) of Green Mountain Coffee Rain Forest Nut Blend. Added the grounds to the other grains in the kit and steeped per instructions. What a smell it added to the wort. Can't wait.
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    I keg but want to send someone a sample...

    I am just a noob here... But you can try the carb tabs. I just brewed my first batch in 13 years. Getting a pal started in the hobby. He lacks patience. Anyhow did an Edme English IPA Kit (6 gal) reduced to 5. Used the carb tabs to prime. Two weeks ago this coming Sunday. I had one...
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    240 volt outlet quote

    Since the outlets have yet to be installed (30 amp). It was merely mentioned about using 50 amp outlets instead. Since the original poster seems to have some smarts, I'm sure he would use the appropriate conductors to handle the ampacity. Better to oversize a circuit than undersize. I would...
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    240 volt outlet quote

    You can most certainly connect a 30 amp load to a 50 amp breaker/circuit.
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    absolute newb here! please help!

    I would drink them.
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    Favorite Oktoberfest?

    I have had all the American versions of Oktoberfest that I can find here in NH. They are pretty much the same with their various spice/additives and hop flavors. But the American versions are nowhere close to the original German beers. They are actually overflavored compared to the German...
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    BBQ Porn, baby back style

    Nothing like ribs from the smoker. I am originally from Somerville, but now reside in NH. Here is how I smoke my ribs. Make a marinade Get yourself some of the good ole New England apple cider, the fresher the better. Two cups or so, and some hot cider mulling spice. (either in tea...
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    Photographs of bad ideas:

    Hey I've seen some stuff like that j-box.