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    Fertilizer rates per plant

    I am attempting to figure out the needs of my homegrown hops per recommendation from the Oregon State Univ Extension Service Hops Fertilizer Guide. Obviously a soil test is needed to determine an exact program. But in the absence of a soil test, I’d like to break down what professional growers...
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    Golden Gate Keg Gasket

    Anyone know where i can find this gasket for a Golden Gate keg tap? I've had no luck with google or bing. I recently picked up 2 golden gate kegs. One will be a fermenter, the other a special event serving cask. I took them apart, but those gaskets were nasty, and I need to replace...
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    Steamer Basket for 60 qt heavy duty Brew Kettle

    I'm looking for a steamer basket for a 60 qt heavy duty brew kettle, like those sold at NB and B3. has anyone found on that fits well? I've struck out looking at amazon and other places on the web. Maybe someone here has had some luck. Thanks, The Fool.
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    Regulators found

    I'm beginning to piece together a kegging system. I came across these regulators, that supposedly came off a soda system at some time around 6+ years ago. I cleaned them up a little and took pictures. Are these sufficient for for a kegging system? Would I need to daisy chain two of them...
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    Wit Beer Float Hmmmm...

    Just made a wit beer float with vanilla ice cream and a bit of fresh squeezed orange juice. So Good. :)