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    Salting the Ice?

    no, salt lowers the freezing point of water. what this does is allow your ice to melt, allowing greater contact with whatever you put in it, without raising the temperature of the ice. this method is used in home icecream making.
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    Sidestepping a Law

    it is illegal, but i don't know how strictly it's enforced. there are atleast two homebrew shops in alabama. i also know people are pretty open about what they are doing, if they are brewing. now if you make a big deal about you being a homebrewer, you might get made an example of.
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    Sidestepping a Law

    that's awesome! i would love to see the smith center redmen in person. coach barta's wishbone offense has the football forums buzzing. [sorry, end hijack]
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    +5 today 10820 gallons.
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    Go ahead and bash me, I like Sam Adams.

    i have a question. Sam Adams cream stout, what is it supposed to taste like? i am new to the various types of beer so i'm not sure what i am supposed to be tasting. the reason i ask this is so far i have had two (1 hot 1 cold) the hot one had a little coffee after taste with a burnt flavor. the...
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    beer - from the shadows

    don't know, but whatever it was it must have been some strong stuff to have any effect. he poured what looked like around 10 oz into how many gallons.
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    beer - from the shadows

    from the shadows was a vidcast that is no longer in production. while they were active they made a show on beer. in the show they made a trip to the anchor brewing company, made a homebrew 101 clip, and brought a little technology to the kegerator...
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    Name My Brewery!

    i like the old school ideas. what about sawbone's brewery, or bonesaw brewery if you like alliteration