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  1. TinmanDan

    Russian Imperial Stout

    So, I was looking around for a good AG stout recipe, and stumbled upon the following: - 15 lbs Maris Otter - 1 lb crystal malt - 1 lb chocolate malt - 1 lb roasted barley - 1 oz Chinook hops I cooked this up over the weekend, and ended up with a primary full of the darkest, blackest beer...
  2. TinmanDan

    Wooden Beer Case Plans?

    Hey guys -- Does anyone have plans for a good wooden beer case? I recently attended a party where I supplied a generous amount of my own beer, but when I lifted up one of the cardboard cases, the bottom fell out of it, and I lost a few bottles of brew to the forces of gravity and the hard...
  3. TinmanDan

    Low carbonation after secondary

    I just sampled a scotch ale I brewed a while ago, which happened to be my first time using a secondary fermenter, and found it to significantly lacking in carbonation. It's not completely flat, but I basically need to pour the beer from about six inches about the glass in order to get a head...
  4. TinmanDan

    European Bock Brew Day

    Hey...nothing special here, but I thought I'd share a few photos of my recent brew day. I was cooking up a batch of European Bock. I haven't invested in the massive equipment that most of you have, but my wife has been good enough to give me a section of the basement for my brewing endeavors...
  5. TinmanDan

    Low S.G.?

    I've brewed four extract batches using ingredient kits recently, and while they've turned out fine so far, the one thing I've noticed is the starting gravity I've recorded is quite a bit lower than the instructions indicate it should be. For example, this weekend, I did a True Brew Bock - 6.6...
  6. TinmanDan

    Good source for cherry (and other fruit) juice?

    Hey folks...I've got a recipe for a black cherry ale that calls for 3 quarts of unsweetened black cherry juice (to be added after taking the wort off the heat). I found a company that carries this (Knudsen), but I'm having problems locating a store that carries it. My local homebrew shop...