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    Did i kill my yeast?

    I Know this is an age old question.. but its new to me. Ill start of by saying my LHBS could not sell me a hydrometer. So i realize im up to the plate without a bat at this point. I compleated the broiling process, added my yeast, dry yeast. its been two days and ive seen limited bubbles coming...
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    SEcondary Fermentation Question

    I racked my beer from the plastic bucket to my carboy, a few days later a green layer formed at the bottom of my carboy, Im assuming this is just more sediment falling to the bottom. no worries, I noticed however that there is a thin white layer of..well, something on top of my green sediment...
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    Possible Infection? Fixable?

    Thats a great saying...ill do that in a few weeks lol. good point on how long people ahve been brewing beer without cleaners. why doesnt this stuff ever occur to homebrewers untill they have already raised their blood preasure. Im not home now so i cant send pictures, but you guys clearly know...
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    Possible Infection? Fixable?

    haha, you guys are awesome, thanks for the support. I just get nervous that I missed something or didnt sanitize enough. my roomate said it smells like a brewery in my house so what could go wrong. good adivice on getting something to drink while i wait, its only 11 AM here, but its 5 o clock...
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    Possible Infection? Fixable?

    Ij ust brewed my first beer and im worried there may be an infection in my yeast. now, I have no tangable information to support this other than a lost sleep over worrying about it:) if there is indeed a bacterial infection is there anyway i can save my brew?