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    We all know it goes great with beer

    I marinate my wings (approx 10 wings with the third little section cut off) in a large ziploc for a day or two in Sirachi (maybe 8 - 10 tablespoons) and a couple dashes of worchestire sauce.... then grill to well done to render as much fat as possible. After plating I drizzle stubs bbq (or...
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    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    I love ROMO and RIVERS getting their due... Rivers contract is a huge waste of money and Romo is a joke :)... hahahaha, watching Dallas and San Diego lose brings me great joy.
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    How soon is too soon too rub your meat?

    TexLaw, I'm with you on that. I don't put rub on my shoulders period, just good old hickory smoke. And I rub my briskets and ribs down just prior to loading them in my smoker. My friend is a fan of the rub and wrap method... then he fridgerates for hours... I have noticed a hammy taste to the...
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    bottling apfelwein

    good point cat, i will let him know of that route as well. thank you!
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    bottling apfelwein

    hahahah, i use 22oz or 24oz beer bottles as well. sierra nevada has 24oz in case you are wondering. having said that, thanks for the info... my friend is a wine guy but enjoyed my apfelwein. so, he was hoping to use what he had on hand to bottle his first batch. i will let him know that wine...
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    bottling apfelwein

    if i were to bottle in standard wine bottles, will the corks hold up to the carbonation?
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    Earthquake in SoCal

    49th??? Damn, now that sucks. I'm on the 8th and the dizzy feeling while sitting in your chair is amazing. The thing I noticed was the vertical blinds swaying and hitting together pretty good. I'm just down the street from LAX.
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    Friend tried a green homebrew...

    hahahaha, LOL.... that is hilarious about the beans and justice was served on the beer!!!!
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    ok, thanks a lot... we'll wait a couple more weeks then.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I bottled my Apfelwein just like beer as I thought I read on this thread... after 2 weeks in the bottle, no carb yet. Any ideas?
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    strawberry extract question

    i have 4oz of brewcraft strawberry extract im going to add to this blonde ale before bottling... do i need to heat to 165?
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    my dad and i like the following: kikoman teriyaki, real butter and some powdered garlic.... heat up enough to melt the butter and use it as a moppin sauce. i flip once, so ill usually hit both sides w/ a basting brush about 3 -4 times.
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    ? Swmbo ?

    she who makes boys ogle
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    low og

    i was just reading about using top off water... im thinking that my reading was taken before i mixed it properly and that is why my reading was a bit low. thanks a lot though!!
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    low og

    hello, im relatively new to homebrewing and have a question. today i brewed a summer ale (extract/partial grain) and my OG was low. the recipe said it would be about 1.056... at about 75degrees, my hydrometer read about 1.050. im wondering how this happens and what the implications are...
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    acronym help -> DME vs LME

    oh man!!! it mightve come to me at some point.... hahaha. thank you.
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    acronym help -> DME vs LME

    im pretty sure the "ME" part is malt extract... please supply the "D" and "L". thanks a lot!