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    Just a bit of fun...

    HA, thats cool. well done. where can we find more of your work?
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    Boilover from hell!

    Ummm... would I add the scalded flesh to the primary or secondary. I added my singed flesh to the primary, will this ruin my beer :))
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    Crush, Crush, Crush!

    Whats the downside of crushing too tightly, (too much)? Logic would tell me husks getting in the wort and causing astringency, anything else besides the obvious?
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    First Brew - First Label

    Very nice, I really like the humor of the brewery location. Well done, and yeah, how did you make it? what'd you use?
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    Oaked IPA trouble

    Well now i'm curious to see what happens. :D
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    chimay EXTRACT recipe?

    WOW, thanks doc, this is definately one I will enjoy having tucked away for a rainy day.
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    AHS Double Chocolate Stout

    Yeah, you'd probably want to let that one sit for a little while, but you might find that all of them will improve with age.
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    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    my little girl on the left, I think that look is priceless
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    What is a Fining Agent?!

    I always add gelatin to my secondary. I find that its clearing ability can't be beat. I've never tried isinglass though. Gelatin and a good cold break with conditioning are the best things for clearing.
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    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    This is a pic of my lil girl, the one mean mugging on the left, what a cutie huh?
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    Green Brewing, Planting and Crazy Fermentation

    Out of curiosity, where did you get your plants?
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    Top up with H2O

    bwitt, thats very good for just your 3rd AG batch. Are you getting that kind of efficiency batch sparging or continous? I'm from Baton Rouge as well and am interested in getting into AG brewing.
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    Gelatin Blob floating in beer

    Yeah, I've had a problem with gelatin before, not in beer though. On a pie recipe I had added it to the boiling water and it never did disolve in, just kinda clumped up like a large gelatinous mess. After a little serching I found this tip...... "To avoid clumping, dry unflavored gelatin should...