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  1. Terek

    Induction or Convection burner 110v advice

    I'm looking to change my brew in a bag set up from gas to electric. I don't have a 220v so I'm looking for advice on a good convection burner that will plug into A 110 outlet and not pop the breaker every 5 minutes. 10 gallon pot, 5 gallon batches. I have a 20amp outlet in my brew room that i...
  2. Terek

    MyPIN TA4 being screwy.....

    I am having a big problem with my new myPIN controller. I got it all set up for my 3 wire 100 probe. I tested it in ice water. It was reading 24* high so I adjusted the settings to drop it 24 so it was reading 32 in ice water. Now I tested it in hot water. My pen thermometer is reading 105 but...
  3. Terek

    C02 regulator problems

    i just got my keg stuff set up, but im having major issues with my regulator. I get it all set at 10 psi on my keg and everything looks good. after a while i will come back in and the pressure is around 30-40 psi. i let the excess pressure out the relief and it drops to 10 psi. But it will just...
  4. Terek

    New white labs packs

    anybody use these yet? i tried one for the first time couple weeks ago, and i like them much better. You can get every last drop, like a tube of toothpaste. And they are (so they say) propagated in the pack, so the yeast has never been exposed to the atmosphere. Pretty impressed.
  5. Terek

    Can yeast affect OG readings?

    I have been making one gallon batches of cider for a few years now, and love it. Usually have 4-6 going at any given time. I got a refractometer for xmas, so i have been testing everything (i have never really taken a OG on cider before) Anyway, i was transfering a cider to secondary, and...
  6. Terek

    Distance needed between 2 species of hops

    I finally bought a farm, and have been looking for a good one for years. So now i have plenty of space for growing hops, but am trying to figure out how i want it set up. I have a 3 year old cascade plant behind the shop at my work, so i will gather some from it, and wanted to buy 3 other...
  7. Terek

    My water, Thoughts?

    here is my new well water profile. Any suggestions on how to fix the ph and high alkalinity? pH.................................................... 7.8 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est.......... 324.0 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm............ 0.54 Cations/Anions...
  8. Terek

    Could my well water affect my efficiency?

    I posted this on another thread, but it never got answered, so thought i would start one for it. has anyone actually had there water affect efficiency? I have recently moved, and started up brewing again after 6 months. My process has stayed the same, except i have a new mash tun, and i am...
  9. Terek

    Finally! I get to build a brew room

    After many years of wishing, I finally bought a little farm out in the country. And, it just so happens to have an old shop, with a room framed (kind of....)out that will be perfect for a little hide away and brew room for me. I will be posting on here pics of my progress. Im gonna keep a...
  10. Terek

    Storage Of Bulk Grains

    Hello all. I have been brewing for a few years and have always rented homes to live in. I always hated brewing half in the kitchen and half in the garage, due to space issues. Well, i finally got my company making money (took 4 years) and bought an acre farm out in the country. I have always...
  11. Terek

    HOMEBREW SWAP-O-RAMA #3 Lets try this again

    Participant List: 1. Terek to jtd_419 2. coyote68 to Zoidberg 3. jtd_419 to Twobrokebrewing 4. nedvalton to pointcity-brewing 5. Zoidberg to nedvalton 6. cmoewes to sfgoat 7. Twobrokebrewing (n) to trefilov22 8. sfgoat to coyote68 9. pointcity-brewing to wildazz 10. wildazz (n) to...
  12. Terek

    What is this crap?

    I just got done brewing my first pumpkin ale. Everything went fine. I hit all my targets and the day was smooth. As I finished draining into fermenter I saw little clear balls in the trub. It's like little jelly balls. Almost like silicone but more mushy I guess. Hard to describe. Like jellyfish...
  13. Terek

    Heavy alcohol taste

    I made an oat stout with a OG 1.070 after a few days, I pitched some oak chips I soaked in a buddy's moonshine. Just tasted a sample after a week. It's down to 1.015 and has a VERY strong alcohol taste. I didn't realy like that at all. My question is will this tone down over time? I.e. How long...
  14. Terek

    To age or not to age

    I have done some resurch on aging and have gotten mixed ideas on what to do. I have some oat stouts and an imperial stout that I brewed and have been on my shelf at around 65* for 2 months. Should I drink em, or let em go longer? They are both around 7.8% Also, I bought a couple local brews...
  15. Terek

    Infection? Or nothing.....

    I have been brewing beer for a while now, but this is my first cider. It has been in the first firm enter about 3 weeks now. Has looked great and bubbles coming up from the bottom every were. I haven't looked at it for about 5 days. Got home tonight and opened the door. The bubbles have stopped...
  16. Terek

    First wheat beer

    This is my first wheat beer. I want it to have a lot of orange flavor, but when I got all my ingredients, I saw the bags of orange peel. It just seems like a lot. I am brewing Tom. And would like any input, mainly is this too much orange peel?
  17. Terek

    Didn't hit pre boil gravity, how much DME to add?

    So in trying a rye IPA. My pre boil was supposed to be 1.054 and I got 1.035. How much DME should I add to my boil to compensate for the loss? I usually get AWSOME results, but this is my first rye IPA. I did everything right and hit all my targets, what happened? Starting boil now, please help!
  18. Terek

    Second Sparge With Wort

    I was thinking about taking a few gal. Of my wort before boiling, and just running it threw my tun just like you would do in sparge. Stir it and everything. My theory is that you would get that last little bit of sugar without having more water volume to boil off. What's everyone think? Will...
  19. Terek

    How much washed yeast do I pitch?

    So I washed some yeast couple days ago for the first time. I am very happy with the results. I have them in a small jar that has oz marked on the side and I got a little over 2 oz in there. My question is, is that enough to make 2 starters for 2 batches (1 oz each)? Or should I use it all on...
  20. Terek

    Dry hopping

    I getting ready to dry hop a brew and was wondering if anyone does any kind of sanitation to the hops. I'm using leaf. Was kind of thinking about steeping in boiling water for a few secs. To kill any nasties on them. Is this necessary or can I just toss em in? Never dry hopped before