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    Star San "durability"

    I mixed up Star San using RO water November of '09. Sto;red it in a bucket w/tight fitting lid. Opened it to sanitize bottles - it was clear. Don't have any ph strips. Is it still good if it is clear. I believe the Star San site makes this claim.
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    Long secondary time

    I have a "Belgian Wheat" that has been in the secondary a little over a year. I know, I know Wheats should not have long secondary times but I had some health issues and just got back to this. My question: I am assuming that there is not enough yeast to carbonate. I intend to add yeast with my...
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    Overdue bottling?

    I brewed a "Begian Wheat" witbier July 18, 09. I racked to secondary 3 weeks later. I then encountered health issues where bottling was the farthest thing from my mind. This beer now has been in secondary about 5 months and I now feel up to bottling. Questions: Is there any hope for a beer in...
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    Star Anise

    I'm getting ready to brew a Belgian Wit. My recipe calls for 2.5 oz of Star Anise. I've run across opinions that this is too strong. The recipe also calls for .75 oz Coriander seed, .10 oz Grapefruit peel (zest?), and .25 oz Orange peel(zest?). The recipe also calls for the coriander to be...
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    Adjusting Hops bill

    I'm getting ready to brew a SNPA clone (AG) and have purchased the ingredients. The hops I bought has a different AA than the recipe ingredients. I've tried to figure out the adjustment but am having trouble with it. I converted to grams (28.35 per oz) in my calculations because i could only...
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    Over carbed batch

    I brewed a batch of "mild" back in June. One of the bottles broke on the shelf in the basement. There's a lot of pressure upon opening a bottle; it foams out until over a third is gone. Pouring a glass is pouring a glass of foam. Would over priming cause this. this is about my 15th batch and the...
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    Mash Lauter Tun size?

    I'm getting my equipment ready for my first AG brew. For my MLT I have a choice between a 48 qt Gott rectangular cooler and a 30 qt Gott rectangular. Which would be better for 5 gal batches. I'll probably never do a 10 gal batch. BTW, I'm following Flyguy's parts list & instructions.
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    Equipping to start AG brewing

    I have brewed probably 12 or more extract brews and now think that I'm ready to get into AG. I've been kind of collecting stuff with this in mind. Here's what I have: A 48 qt Gott picnic cooler. Is this size alright for a 5 gal? I was planning to make a 3 or 4 branch cpvc collection arrangement...
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    Refrigerator temp control

    Was shopping for a propane burner at Home Depot today - (I'll probably buy a Bayou 3066A set with a burner w/135K BTU burner and 30 gal pot for $49) and saw a thermostatic control designed for forced air duct fans. It's a Duc Stat for $29. Doesn't have a calibrated adjustment but does have a...
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    Temps of wort/cold water mix

    I do 2 gallon boils w/LME. Room temperature water is around 75 deg (tap water the same) so I've drawn 5 gal of RO water and put 3 gal in the fridge. They are at 40 deg. Question: is there any kind of calculation about what temp to bring the wort down to mix with 3 gal 40 deg water to get around...
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    Sanitizing Grolsch Flip Tops

    My son gave me 44 Grolsch flip-tops for Christmas. Does it work to sanitize the bottles using Star San, closing the bottles and then later filling without any further sanitizing. I thought that maybe I would open the bottle, then dipping the top in Star San and filling and closing of course...
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    Brown Ale in 10-14 days?

    I have a Brown Ale going from a Papazian recipe (Elbro Nerkte). He says it can be done in 10-14 days, bottled in 5-6 days. Mine is going into the 6th day and has stopped bubbling. I'm thinking of bottling tomorrow to see how it comes out and opening the first bottle in a week from now. Has...
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    High FG Goat Scrotum Ale Fix?

    As I told in the "Windsor Yeast" thread, my Goat Scrotum has stalled out at 1.027. I did swirl the carboy but it only started little pips of bubbles - about 12 per min I bottled my Beer Engine ESB tonight and was looking over at my Goat Scrotum Ale in the primary and it hit me; rack the GSA...
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    Windsor Yeast

    I used Windsor yeast in a Goat Scrotum Ale (Papazian) with an OG of 1.047. It started bubbling after about 12 hours but not vigorously. After 3 days it stopped. SG after 4 days was 1.027. I've read in forums that Windsor will "leave a relatively high gravity" and "not as quick as...
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    bakers chocolate in a porter

    I hope I haven't goofed. I decided to do the Papazian recipe for Goat Scrotum Ale (p199 in Joy of Brewing). It suggests several additives - I decided to use the 6 oz of Baker's Chocolate and 3 oz of grated ginger. Papazian says to add it all at the beginning of the boil. I asked my HBS and he...
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    OG question

    OG question I brewed an ESB back in March and have another ESB in the primary now. The one in March had an OG of 1.047 with the following ingredients: 6.5 # pale LME .5 # Crystal Malt - 40L .5 # Crystal Malt - 75L .25 # carpils 1.5 oz Kent Goldings 60 min .5 oz Kent Goldings 5 min Munton's...
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    Chokecherry Beer

    Since the chokecherries are close to ripening at our elevation, someone was asking about using chokecherries in beer. Has anyone used chokecherries? What style beer? How were the cc processed? When were they added?
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    Steeping time

    I got a recipe from my HBS for a Pale Ale. It calls for Crystal Malt to be steeped 30 min. The recipe does't state the temperature. The recipe: 6.5 Pale Malt Extract 1# 10L Crystal Malt 1/2 oz Columbus 60min (rec called for Centennial but HBS was out) 1oz Cascade 15 min 1oz Cascade 0 min...
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    Found Equipment for sale

    Found a guy through one of these for sale list serves by posting a "wanted - carboys" ad. He has 5 5 gal "soda kegs", a co2 bottle, 2 5 gal carboys, 1 "7" gal carboy, a "setup to do grain and then changed my mind but it has the grid in the bottom to let the mash go thru" and 2 plastic...
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    Fat Tire Clone

    I have a Spiced Porter in my primary which will be ready to rack to secondary in a couple days. I then plan to brew a Fat Tire clone and pour on top of the yeast left from the Porter. The yeast in the Porter is a Fermentis Safale US 56. #1 Is this a good yeast for the Fat Tire? #2 Is it better...