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  1. DrDuckbutter

    Austin Home Brew ! ! !

    is Austinhowbrew like totally the best for prices and either the free shipping over $100 or the $7.99 flat rate?? i'd LOVE to buy locally, but its almost as if my LHBS just orders from AHB, then marks it up 10-15% and sells it to me... Everything at the LHBS is always just close enough in...
  2. DrDuckbutter

    cold Crashing and Hefe

    when making Hefeweisen, pre-bottling/kegging, would you want to cold crash? or does that defeat the purpose of a hefe?? thanks Brian
  3. DrDuckbutter

    Hefe....need some info...

    Hello, wanted to make a hefeweisen...first time...i am under the impression that in theory i could whip up a batch in less than 3 weeks (kegged) 7-10 days of ferment and 3-5 carbonating, since you technically do not have to wait for it to clear like other types of beers... is this a correct...
  4. DrDuckbutter

    Crash cool...How and why and where and who?

    i have searched for "crash cooling" can anyone just breifly explain the how to of this. I assume you do it to stop yeast fermentation and possibly to drop the yeast to the bottom of your fermenter quicker??? Thanks I appreciate any help
  5. DrDuckbutter

    fermentables vs. ABV

    is there any easy way to ballpark ABV based on fermentables added, before you say i make a brew with only 6 lbs. of malt extract, how does that equate to ABV (i realize there are many factors, I am just looking for an estimate) it seems many recipes that are 5% ish, call for about...
  6. DrDuckbutter

    hard iced tea and/or hard lime (like mike's)

    All, I want to make a hard iced tea (similar to what a twisted tea is) so in theory couldn't i just buy a few gallons of sweet tea (in the south) maybe add a little dextrose to up the ABV and go to town? i know they call many of these drinks malt beverages, i think becasue they add a little...
  7. DrDuckbutter

    where to get Honey?

    Can anyone make constructive suggestions as to the best places (notice the "s") to get reasonably priced honey by the 10+#'s... I live in Raleigh, NC, i assume there might be a vendor at the Farmers Market.. i met a guy who sells honey, but does not "normally" sell it in 10-12# increments...
  8. DrDuckbutter

    keg to 12 oz. bottle, HOW???

    I just started do i best go about filling up a few 12 oz. bottles (with caps) to give to some friends? I tried the obvious, fill from the tower to the bottle, but there was distinct foaming and spillage (what a waste) so??? thanks
  9. DrDuckbutter

    Franziskaner hefe weissen Dunkel

    does anyone have a clone for this??? I tried it yesterday for the first was $2.49 for 1 - 17 ounce bottle...but it was Gooooooood... DUNKEL i often see clones for the hefe wiessen, but not the dunkel version... thanks
  10. DrDuckbutter

    Leffe Blonde Clone

    heat 1 gal. water to 155 degrees F add: 4 oz. Belgian Biscuit malt 4 oz. Belgian Aromatic malt 4 oz. German Munich malt 2 oz. Honey malt heat and steep at 150 degrees F for 30 minutes. Strain the grain water into the brew pot. Sparge the grains with 1/2 gal. of 150 deg F water. Bring...
  11. DrDuckbutter

    leffe blonde clone - need recipe

    Can anyone shoot me a Leffe Blonde Clone (PLEASE...) I even bought a book of european clones because Amazon siad it contained a leffe clone recipe...which it did not....dirty amazon.... here it is in case you have no idea what i am speaking of... yes i could just buy leffe, but they do not...
  12. DrDuckbutter

    Leffe Blonde

    This is by far my favorite is just so rare and hard to find...had a few up in NH one time...but they do not distribute it down in NC... a shame...if you have a chance i highly recommend picking one up... just a good medium bodied beer (you might argue the body on that, but since...
  13. DrDuckbutter

    need a 1st mead recipe/yeast type

    I just want to make basic mead: honey, water, yeast... BUT i want a medium sweetness (semi-sweet in wine talk) in the final product.... can someone suggest the best honey(s) and yeast to achive this... i see most LHBS sell "mead" yeast...but i am sure someone can suggest a specific one, or...
  14. DrDuckbutter

    Nalgene carboys #5 PP? ok to use as fermenter???

    Through work i have basically unlimited access to Nalgene Carboys...They are recycling # 5 PP... i have been to this site What do those recycling numbers mean? but my question is still not really answered... I was wondering if you can use these as a fermenter/secondary? I was going to make...
  15. DrDuckbutter

    Yeast Sediment - I HATE you, go away...

    can someone detail the possible ways to rid my finished bottled and/or kegged brew of the dreaded yeast sediment...i mean clearly it can be done based on the many commercial brews i have drank...I hate must go away...soon... Thanks, any help from the simplest to the most scientific...