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  1. raindogxx

    Ss Brewtechs Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever!

    Sign me up. Cheers SS Brew tech!
  2. raindogxx

    Purpose Built-No Sparge Brewery

    I'm happy to hear you haven't abandoned your initial plan yet. The system looks to good to start making major modifications. You might have to take some precautionary measures to ensure your flow is well established prior to engaging the RIMS element but I have a hard time believing so many...
  3. raindogxx

    Copper Fittings for Mash Tun

    Thanks for the confirmation. I have no plumbing experience and wanted to double check. Jon
  4. raindogxx

    Copper Fittings for Mash Tun

    The second and third pic were of a tee I cut. I was trying to give a clearer picture of what I was seeing. Sorry for the confusion. I'm guessing it's just solder then. Thought I better check before getting I started building. Thanks
  5. raindogxx

    Copper Fittings for Mash Tun

    Hi, Finally building a mash tun. I picked up some copper fittings yesterday and upon closer inspection they seem to be coated on the inside of the joints. I'm guessing it is a soldering compound but I thought I should check to see if I should be concerned about using them in my setup...
  6. raindogxx

    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Finally got my stirplate together. I ended up using a £0.99 PC fan speed controller in lieu of the rheostat listed in Anthony's opening post. Unfortunately Radioshack doesn't ship to Ireland and I've had very little success sourcing small parts here. I powered the unit with a variable AC...
  7. raindogxx

    Another TSS2 controller box build

    I followed the designs provided by TomSD and Revvy. I recently relocated to Ireland and easily 90% of the time went to sourcing parts. It's a little ugly and the next one I make will be cleaner but the controller seems to be working well. I'm using a ceramic bulb for heat and I have a PC fan in...
  8. raindogxx

    Moving to Kinsale, Ireland

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, Taffman. I'm nearly ready for my first batch and I'll definitely be checking out thehomebrewcompany. I just joined It looks like a perfect place to seek out help out for some of the minor problems that have been holding me up. Disappointed that I...
  9. raindogxx

    Where to get ingredients and equipment in Ireland?

    I was expecting home brewing to be fairly common there as well but if it is it's not as well advertised. It does look like there's a solid community in England and I may have to get some supplies from the shops there. There is, I definitely need to dig there. I might be able to...
  10. raindogxx

    Where to get ingredients and equipment in Ireland?

    Just getting ready to relocate from New Hope, PA to Kinsale, Ireland. I'm planning to go all grain there and do 10 gallon batches. Ultimately I would like to get involved with the scene over there, you know, brew days, competitions and such. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble finding much of...
  11. raindogxx

    Moving to Kinsale, Ireland

    Hi everybody, Anyone in or near Kinsale? My wife is taking an international assignment just outside of Kinsale and I'm planning to get serious about brewing while I'm there (getting ready to stock up on my all grain equipment right now). Just browsing online it seems like there are only a...
  12. raindogxx

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I could use all of that! Count me as replied.
  13. raindogxx

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    19813.5 + 5 = 19818.5 gallons 5 more gallons waiting for me to get off my butt and inoc.
  14. raindogxx

    Urea or Nothing?

    I'm also thinking asparagus probably wouldn't mesh well...:eek:
  15. raindogxx

    Buying Guide for a pH meter

    Hi Kaiser, Are you still a fan of this pH meter? It's been nearly 2 years since the original post, would you get it again? Thanks again for explaining the functionality.
  16. raindogxx

    Need help picking cider/juice variety

    Has anyone tried their ciders yet? I kegged 2 last weekend, one was the Thanksgiving Blend and the other was the Winesap. I had them cold crashing since November. I know, I know, I'm a lazy man. After racking into the keg I racked the rest into sanitized growlers and let them settle for a...
  17. raindogxx

    Urea or Nothing?

    oldmate, just curious for possible future applications, do you have to rehydrate and proof prior to boiling? Do you want to get a good population going before killing them off? Thanks
  18. raindogxx

    Urea or Nothing?

    Just fooling around :fro: The nutrient I have and used in the starter is this LD Carlson product: It contains urea and ammonium phosphate. Hightest has a good post in the Mead sticky FAQs that said to avoid using urea as the...