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    EMEGERNCY!!! tell me about this!!

    my mom told me she has white wine grapevine yard, I checked it out, lot of animals did picked it and ate lot of it, she asked me to find out how to make wine out of that vineyard, please help me so we can get it started picking the white grapes, its offically wine vineyard itself!! so how...
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    barley or hops?

    so barley is a leaves of hops? or barley is a different plant? and blend with hops? I need that to be cleared thanks..
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    new to grow, please help

    thank you everybody, now I can call them and from there I will work with the strings to get that roots, I want it is it possible to grow it indoor until spring comes and plant it outside and let it grow up to 16ft taller? and is there a way to thank the posts?
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    barley or hops?

    I know it sound stupid, or idiot, but help me please, I drank lot beers from hops, but something in my mind sayin barley also? can i brew straight with no barley? or have to be seprated? please explain clear what different hops and barley? or is barley a leaves of hop? correct...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    that's what I am look for !!! thanks big time!! now we have today's 2 cent KEG!! and I will do that one !! thank you!!
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    new to grow, please help

    where can I buy rhizomes? is there any sites I can order seeds/rhizomes?
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    Mint Beer?

    well, from what I know, you gotta blend it with barley, IMO im new though, will that work?
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    new to grow, please help

    hello, im usually growing algae plants, aloe vera, any organic [MOD EDIT - inappropriate content for HBT], anyway.. I was wonder about growing some hops from seeds, or does it have to be from rhizome ? I can start by germ the seeds, or by roots by aeroponic then from there and take it...