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    Beersmith - Hop volume loss

    I just brewed a batch of IPA, with 3 oz of FWH. Does beersmith take the volume loss due to whole hops in its calculations? I ended up with about a gallon less than expected due to the 6 ounces of whole hops.
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    Heat and Grain

    I am picking up 600 lbs of 2-row today, but not going to be able to take it to my friends to split it up until Monday. Would leaving it in the car be bad? It is going to be in the 90's here this weekend. I don't really feel like hauling it up 3 flights of stairs just to turn around two days...
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    Feeling Dirty? Get Clean!

    Beer Soap! Beer Soap | Uncrate :mug:
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    Deschutes Oregon 150

    I was at the Deschutes tasting room over the weekend and they had a special brew for the 150th birthday of Oregon. Deschutes Brewery » Blog Archive » Happy Birthday Oregon! The recipie on they stated at the tasting was: It was very light, pink in color, and tasted more like a white wine...
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    Starter from active ferment

    I want to start another batch and the one i have going right now is slower than expected. I grabbed two hydro tube size samples and made a 400 ml starter then stepped up to 700 ml. Is this going to be enough for a 5 gal batch when its done or should I cool crash, decant and add another 700...