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    what type of air tank is this?

    I have the option to get 2 of these "air tanks" for $25. Are these oxygen tanks? The valve doesn't look the same as my CO2 tank. are they easily converted to CO2? Is this a potential score, or a waste of $25? thanks
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    Box of beer magnets?

    So I saw an ad for in zymurgy, I think. The website leaves a lot to be desired, but I think this could be of interest to me. Anyone bought the box of beer magnets that could comment on it? Quality, # of magnets, cost, etc.? I've been meaning to call, but I haven't had a...
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    others beers good on nitrogen?

    I'm absolutely loving my dry stout served on my new nitrogen setup with a stout faucet! The question is, what other beers are good served like this? Would any stout (american, oatmeal, etc.) be just as good? Any others styles (British ales maybe)? I did a search (both here and general...
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    dimensions of stout faucet

    Maybe someone can help me out here. At the moment, I only have one perlick faucet, but I plan to get a stout faucet soon. The problem is, I want to drill the holes in my refrigerator now for the perlick I have. I want to drill the holes as high as possible without the freezer door bumping...
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    negotiation FAIL

    This weekend I saw a craigslist ad for a small chest freezer for $65. I email the guy asking where he is located. It turns out he is in the next town over. I use this to my advantage and reply back saying it he is farther away than I wanted to drive, but if he'll take $60 for it, I'll make...
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    extract potential of Pumpkin?

    Does anyone know the extract potential (points per pound per gallon) of pumpkin, either canned or fresh? I'm wanting to add pumpkin to my mash, but I can't find any good info on how many points I can expect to get out of it which makes crafting the recipe to hit a target SG somewhat...
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    Packing Peanuts!

    I have amassed so many packing peanuts over the past year it's not even funny. I started saving them thinking, oh if I ever want to ship something, I'll have free packing peanuts to use. I haven't shipped a single item since. I hate just throwing them out, so now I'm wondering if there is any...
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    where would you buy your new TV?

    shady online retailer for $1370 reputable online retailer for $1500 Local brick and mortar shop for $1600 ($1495 + $105tax) I'm looking at buying the Samsung PN50A650 and I've come across these three options to buy it from and I'm wondering what others would have done. FWIW, Best Busy is...
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    help me please with batch sparging!

    I'm doing my first all grain today - an Anchor Porter clone. It has about 13.5lbs. of grain for this 5 gallon recipie. I was going to mash with 16 quarts and I plan on batch sparging. For 7 gallons into the kettle, I figure this leaves about 4.8 gallons to sparge with. Should I: A) drain...
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    Where do you store your propane tank?

    I just bought a 20lb. propane tank tonight so I can brew with my new turkey fryer this weekend. I've never owned one before, so I never thought about this until I got home and read the safty label on it that says never store it indoors or even in a garage. How seriously should I take that...
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    3 year old Young's oatmeal stout

    I picked up a 500ml Young's oatmeal stout over the weekend just to try it to see if I might like to brew a "clone" recipie, and as I was pouring it, I noticed the best before date was October 05.:eek: I was less than impressed with it. It was a little bland, not very creamy. Would three...
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    Bottles not firming up

    So how long is it supposed to take for the 2-liter bottles to start firming up? I'm in the understanding that after 4 days they should be rock hard and ready to drink/refrigerate. I'm at day 2 now and they are still as squishy as ever. I would have thought I'd notice something by now. I...
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    anyone ever have something spontaniously ferment?

    My kid's see-through sippie cup half-filled with apple juice found its way behind something on our kitchen counter and we missed it the past few days when it came time to do the dishes. Well, I found it tonight, and it's bubbling away like my apfelwein! My wife mixed up the frozen concentrate...
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    HELP! forgot to add bitter orange peel to Begian white

    I can't believe I did this. It was an otherwise flawless brewing experience tonight - hit my targeted gravity on the dot for the first time - until I got to cleaning up and noticed that my bitter orange peel got hidden under some papers and I forgot to add it. Everything is in the fermenter...
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    Anyone drink the vodka in the airlock?

    So I racked my chocolate raspberry stout to secondary tonight, and as I was taking the airlock off, It occurred to me that I could be drinking the vodka in the airlock instead of just pouring it down the drain. Since I was already on my second appfelwein and I have work tomorrow morning, I...
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    no room for eight 2-liter bottles in fridge

    So, I'm wanting to throw together a batch of root beer and it supposedly makes about 4 gallons, or eight 2-liter bottles. I know you're supposed to refrigerate after a few days once enough CO2 has been produced to make the yeast go dormant. Problem is, I've been putting it off because I don't...
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    did I properly oxidize my beer?

    They say to beat your enemy, you have to know your enemy. As homebrewers, oxidation is our enemy. I don't know if I ever drank an oxidized beer before, so I don't know what it would taste like or what I'm trying hard to avoid. So I was bottling the other night and ended up with half a...
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    Sam Adams cherry wheat

    So I picked up a sampler case of Sam Adams summer brews at Sam's Club the other day. It came with four each of six different "summer" beers. One of them was a cherry wheat. I thought that sounded interesting, so I cracked one open.... WTF??? This is the worst beer I ever had. I'm not one...
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    did I add enough yeast?

    I just brewed the AHS chocolate raspberry stout kit with the 1% alcohol boost. The starting gravity is 1.072 - a little higher than I was expecting. Anyway, for my yeast, I grabbed about 8 ounces of WLP004 Irish Ale yeast out of the primary of my Irish Red Ale that I just racked to secondary...
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    root beer in a bottling bucket

    So I read on here that you shouldn't use your beer keg for root beer because the root beer will imbue itself in the keg and any future beers you put in the keg will taste like root beer. What about your bottling bucket? Can I mix the root beer up in my bottling bucket without root beer...