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  1. BearsWickedBrew

    StarSan Question- (1st brew in 6 months happening tomm)

    Ive finally got a chance to brew some beer tomm, for the 1st time in 6 months. Im basing it off a clone recipe for Blanche De Bruges. My large container of StarSan is probably about 10 months old....(undiluted of course, Im referring to the actual container of pure StarSan)....ive been storing...
  2. BearsWickedBrew

    Thinking about kegging..found something on Craigslist

    Its not that I hate bottling...I just feel like I would brew more frequently if I didn't have to bottle. That being said, I found a Summit Kegerator (1 tap) on craigslist that includes a CO2 tank for $375. Seeing that I dont know much about kegging...assuming this is in decent it a...
  3. BearsWickedBrew

    Is it possible to grow hops up a grapevine?

    I could have it go up the huge root that starts the grapevine itself....or up 1 of the steel poles. But I was wondering...if the shade created by the grapvine would harm the hops...although the roots itself would be completetly exposed to sun. Also, could the hops impact the grapes taste...or...
  4. BearsWickedBrew

    Just planted 4 rhizomes- Am I Screwed?

    Planted...and watered them in individual large pots...not quite 1/2 whiskey barrel..but close.. overnight low is supposed to be 21F. Right now its low to mid 40s....and tomm will warm back into the 40s as well.
  5. BearsWickedBrew

    Growing Hops Upside Down

    I ordered 4 rhizomes, which I'm hoping to receive soon, and was wondering if it would be possible to use this contraption for each of them? Topsy Turvy Hanging Tomatoes Official Site - Upside Down Planter ...this will be my first time growing hops.
  6. BearsWickedBrew

    Any tips for bottling more than 1 brew back to back?

    Last time I bottled- I bottled an Oatmeal Stout...rewashed my siphon, bottling bucket, etc. with PBW...resanitized with Star San...and then bottled my apfelwein. I'm looking to pickup another primary and would ideally like bottle everything I've got on the same day without going through the...
  7. BearsWickedBrew

    Damnit! Why did i have to open the lid on fermenter?

    I'll just get straight to the point: Is it possible for an ale yeast (Wyeast #1335) to go dormant at around 50 degrees F and show "ZERO" signs of fermentation about 24 hours after being pitched? Im still using my wicking tshirt trick...and man did I cool down my fermenter a little too much...
  8. BearsWickedBrew

    Is it possible to oxidize wort while its boiling?

    I've read from multiple sources that you can oxidize wort if you add oxygen while its too hot. If thats the it possible to oxidize it while its boiling? If not, ...then why not?
  9. BearsWickedBrew

    Braid, Manifold, or False Bottom

    I want to convert a 5g cooler to a mash tun for partial mashes (figure I'll eventually go AG so I might as well use 5g instead of 3g). As far as draining wort w/ a braid, manifold, or false bottom...are all of these pretty much subject to debate as to which works better...or is there a clear...
  10. BearsWickedBrew

    Any problem w/ using PBW solution for 1 month plus?

    I finally discovered the lazy mans way to delabel bottles. An ounce or so of PBW in a 5 gal bucket with bottles soaking overnight. In the morning (as I'm sure most of you are aware)....the labels are off the bottles and the glue (if any) would come off with little to no effort. I've been...
  11. BearsWickedBrew

    Reminder: 3 weeks of bottle conditioning is a MINIMUM

    I just popped a bottle of brew that I whipped up during the summer & this thing is beautifully carbonated......pours with and keeps a very nice head...and looks more clear than the caribbean sea. This is a beer that spent only 2 weeks in the primary and then went straight to the bottle...
  12. BearsWickedBrew

    I realized I was hooked when......

    ..I went christmas shopping in the mall with a smack pack squeezed into my jacket pocket because the temperature in the parking garage was below 20 degrees. I hit the homebrew store first bcuz I was in the area...smacked my 1084 when I got back in my car...and held it close to my chest until...
  13. BearsWickedBrew

    Just Bottled Sam Smith Clone- 1st Apfelwein batch goes down in the next 1hr

    My 5gal better bottle is sitting in the tub with StarSan- I just go thru bottling 47 bottles of Sam Smith Winter Welcome. The past week or so I read up on the apfelwein thread..went grocery shopping on sunday & saw an all natural pastuerized apple juice on sale...said why the hell not...picked...
  14. BearsWickedBrew

    Oops! Left the cap on my auto-siphon & it worked even better

    There I am...finally moving my Sam Smith Winter Welcome clone from my primary to my secondary after 4 weeks...(beer tastes so far)....and I'm saying to doing 1 helluva job of not sucking up any trub. Come to find out...when I go to clean my equipment...
  15. BearsWickedBrew

    I want to try smoking a turkey for thanksgiving

    Awhile back I posted about smoking ribs on a Weber grill. The ribs came out I decided to try a pork butt, which also came out great. Now, for turkey day, I'm thinking about experimenting with smoking a turkey. There will be a traditional roasted I'm not depending on...
  16. BearsWickedBrew

    Does anyone malt their own barley?

    I picked up a book over the weekend called Homebrewers garden because I have pre-ordered 4 hop rhizomes for the spring. The book not only covers hops, but it also talks about growing & malting barley w/ the help of a 2 5gal bucket system, airstone, oast (or maybe oven) in order to kiln dry. I...
  17. BearsWickedBrew

    Hop Storage & Freshness

    I went out & bought a scale now that I have taken off my training wheels and brewed without a kit. I am interested in buying hops by the pound and I was wondering how long I could keep them in my freezer without having any issues? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? ....the addiction just keeps on...
  18. BearsWickedBrew

    Planning Batch #5: Imperial Stout pitched on WYEAST 1084 Irish Ale Yeast Cake

    The imperial stout recipe is a clone from the Clone Brew recipe book I just used for my Sam Smith Winter Welcome. I forget the exact name of the imperial stout...but I know it uses about 10.25lbs DME & the same wyeast 1084 yeast strain....& it packs a walloping 11.5% ABV. If I got this thing...
  19. BearsWickedBrew

    High Gravity Beer...when to age. (Sam Smith Winter Welcome Clone)

    I just brewed a clone of Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome..extract with 8lbs of light DME based off a recipe in a clone book I have. OG was supposed to be 1.068 - 1.07. Mine came out @ 1.072. I noticed in the book that other recipes that have this high of an says bottle & age for 6...
  20. BearsWickedBrew

    Priming Sugar- Hopefully it got evenly mixed in bottling bucket

    I finally got around to bottling my pumpkin ale last night (feels like I'm a month behind the curve on this one). I actually ended up only 6 bottles short of 48. Anyway' last bottle was underfilled...& after underfilling a bottle in the past and having it blow up on me.....I decided to...