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    Problem with either mashing or fermentation

    I'm now officially at my wit's end! I've been managing some pretty nice batches over the past few years, but there seems to be one problem that continually plagues my brews: high finishing gravity. Over successive beers, I've tried just about everything to correct it... finer crushes...
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    High FG and poor attenuation

    I searched through alot of similar threads but not really sure I got my response. Essentially I brewed a steam beer and added some flaked corn to the bill to make what I like to call a Steam 'n' Cream. OG was 1.058, Gravity after 13 days is 1.024-1.025 (@ constant temperature of 62F). Seems...
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    Are you all alcoholics?

    Just out of curiosity, I've noticed that many of those who have signatures seem to list A LOT of beer in process and bottled/kegged. My question is how the heck do you drink that much beer? I've read about people brewing every week. That just seems like a lot of beer to consume!! That...
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    Conditioning 5 g in 6 g secondary

    I use a 7 or 8 g pail with a loose fitting lid for primary and a 6 g glass carboy for secondary. I've been doing this ever since I started brewing. I wonder, though, is it a problem to have so much headspace in the secondary? Should I really use a 5 g carboy? I mean, my beers have turned out...
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    Questions on fermenting lagers

    Hey all, I just brewed my first lager over the weekend. There's one caveat, of course. It's a California common. Why is that a caveat? Well, because it ferments at roughly ale temperatures. My cold room in the basement hovers around 16 C, which is appropriate for this yeast strain...
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    Decoction for a stout?

    Has anyone done this? I'm having a brewday on Saturday. The two types to be brewed are an oatmeal stout and an irish red. I thought about trying my hand at decoction on a stout. Any reason I shouldn't do this?
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    I just want to clarify something with the experts around here ;) I'm brewing an AG oatmeal stout on the weekend, and I'm just wondering what kind of oatmeal I can use. Quaker quick cook oats? Are they fine? Or is something else better? The oatmeal will represent about 3.67% of my grain...
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    Primary fermentation in carboy

    Until now, I've always used a bucket with loose fitting lid for primary fermentation (open fermentation, I guess it would be called). But I keep seeing people talk about blow off tubes and fermenting in the carboy. My question is this: I don't have a blow off tube, but can I do primary...
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    Weizen - stuck fermentation?

    I started a weizen last week (Jan 24th). The OG was 1.039. I pitched the yeast (WYeast 3068 Weihenstephan) @ 72 F. I took an SG reading on the 30th; it was 1.012 and there was still foam on top of the wort. Today, Feb 1st, there is still foam, and it doesn't seem to have changed in about...
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    My first AG batch - Accountant Bob's Canadian Wheat Ale

    Hi everyone, I've been coming to this site for a while now, and have posted a few messages here and there. Up until this point, I had only brewed using kits (both beer and wine). After gathering much information, and a lot of it from this site, I went AG last weekend with two of my...
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    Halted fermentation

    Hi guys, I've been away for a while, happily creating wonderful brews and wines :) Unfortunately, I ran into a bit of a snag with my latest batch of beer. It's from a Brew House kit (Red Ale) and once everything was ready to go in the primary fermenter, I decided for some odd reason to use...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide?

    I'm just about to bottle my first batch of wine, and I have a sanitation question. From reading the posts on this board, I see that quite a few people use bleach to sanitize the wine bottles (and the assist in removing the labels). I will certainly need to use something strong like that...
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    Hard Lemon Iced Tea?

    I'm new to home brewing. So far, I've got two kits on the go (one wine, one beer). Over time, I want to go more and more towards doing everything from scratch. But I'm not there yet :) Anyway, I thought a nice way to begin that process would be to make my own hard lemon iced tea. I bought...
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    Pinot Noir label

    Here's my first label for my very first batch of wine :)
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    Can I move the primary fermenter?

    A question that might seem silly, but I'd rather know for sure before I do something to ruin my batch! I'm just about to start my first batch of wine, a nice Pinot Noir. My main living area is about 18-22 degrees C and the cold room in my basement usually sits around 12-15 degrees C in the...