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    Avery Lilikoi Clone + 5 Rabbit Guava Paletas Clone

    I absolutely nailed this beer OG 1.048 FG 1.010 IBU 15.8 Batch Size-10 Gallons Mash @ 150 Degrees F for 60M 90M Boil Total Efficiency 65% Sparge Method- Batch Ferment for 14 days @ 68 Degrees. Add Fruit Pulp at day 7 (I didn't cold crash this beer because I ended up adding more fruit pulp to...
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    Anyone have water report for Slidell, LA?

    I'm here from Chicago to work until October. I brought my brewing supplies and want to brew! The brew scene here is minimal so I need to bring some of Chicago out here in beer form. I plan on brewing a Pale Ale since it's so HOT AND HUMID out here. I'm gonna need something to chill on...
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    Double IPA Revolution Citra Hero Clone

    Revolutions Citra Hero was definitely the all star of 2014 for IPA's here in Chicago (For me). I couldn't get enough of it. It's everything I could ask for in an IPA. Pretty sessionable but still packs a huge hop flavor and aroma. 2L Starter 90 min boil Mash @ 152 for 60 min Estimated...
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    Can I store fermenting beer and yeast at the same temp?

    I'm buying a deep freezer on Sunday and I'm planning on turning it into a fermentation chamber. Next week I'm buying a yeast starter. So my question is, when I'm fermenting at 67 degrees can I store my yeast starter at that temperature too? I would hate to have 3 different keezers
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    How do you add "Hop Extract" in Beersmith?

    I've been looking and looking and I don't see how I can add it in Beersmith
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    I found a recipe online and I want to put it into beersmith

    I have no details on this guys brew setup but it's 6 gallons and I want to brew with my 1 gallon setup. Sorry I'm still new to brewing and I really don't know the technical stuff, I just know how to brew with my setup. This is for a Stone Enjoy By Clone BTW if anyone wants to use it :) OG...
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    Getting my feet wet.

    Okay I've been lurking around on Midwest supplies and see how they have starter kits. Now this is going to be my first attempt at brewing and I'm wondering if you guys think that's a good choice to start with a kit or select things out individually. My palate is pretty HEAVY! I would like...
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    Mr Beer Microbrewery System

    My sister, bought me this system because she knows that I love craft brew and I still haven't used it. Does anything think that this would be good practice before moving onto something bigger and more technical? Or would I be wasting my time making 6 beers hahaha
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    I Need All The Help In The World

    alright, im a beer lover. i have no intelligence on making beer, and what supplies i would need. soooooo if someone could point me in the right direction towards brewing it would be greatly appreciated. i love german skunky beer like st. paulie girl (dont know what its technical name). i...