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    Hot Surface Ignitor Problem

    I have a Honeywell Smart Valve that has a intermittent pilot and hot surface ignitor. It worked great with my BCS 460. I was able to fire it up manually and with the BCS. Tested it quite a few times etc... Today I did a test run with 5 gallons of water just to check everything before I brew...
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    Honeywell Smart Valves

    I need help figuring out what to do. I bought a Honeywell Smart Gas Valve thinking I could fire it directly with a Hot Surface Igniter I did not realize that it is an intermittent pilot valve. I also did not realize that the valve is 24v and the igniter is 120v. The HSI didn't come with...
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    Simple 460 Build?

    I am looking for a simple way to control my RIMS temperature and maybe have some expandability later. I was about to drop $575 on the Blichmann Tower of Power controller that really has no expandability and I thought if I could install a BCS 460 to do the same thing for less, why not? I have...