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  1. WillWyn

    Wort Chilling - Recirc vs. Counter vs. Plate

    I have a 50ft. 1/2 inch IC that I put in my HLT. During the mash, I use it to help raise the temperature for mashing out. I run the wort through the IC which is submerged in 175 degree sparge water. After transferring the wort to the BK I pull the MLT for cleaning and slide the HLT next to...
  2. WillWyn

    Stainless fitting question

  3. WillWyn

    Stainless fitting question

    Any reason not to use this? All other SS fittings for brewing applications are usually much pricier than this. Only difference I can see in the more costly fittings is the psi rating.
  4. WillWyn

    Propane Plumbing for brew rig

    Oh, I also got the regulator from
  5. WillWyn

    Propane Plumbing for brew rig

    I used 3/8" soft copper with compression fittings. No leaks. I am never using more than two burners at any given time. With my 20psi regulator, I have never felt like I needed more flame. All parts were stock from local hardware store, except needle valves, which I got from...
  6. WillWyn

    Paulaner Oktoberfest

    Is Paulaner Oktoberfest a lager or an ale? I thought all Marzens were lagers, but the Paulaner Marzen bottle says "Ale".
  7. WillWyn

    To rinse, or not to rinse

    Built up a three gallon starter for a ten gallon Octoberfest. Used extra-light dme. After chilling it, I noticed a fair amount of darker matter that settled out first. Is this hot/cold break? Started with a fresh smack-pack. There is a fair amount of this material underneath the healthy...
  8. WillWyn

    Propane Plumbing for brew rig

    Thanks. The pump is a March pump. I don't recall the model off the top of my head, but it is quite an old one, given to me by a home brewer that was getting rid of his equipment.
  9. WillWyn

    Propane Plumbing for brew rig

    Thanks. Just did the first brew on it last weekend. System worked great. Had a little operator error once or twice, but nothing that frequent brewing can't fix.
  10. WillWyn

    Propane Plumbing for brew rig

    Here's my setup. 20 psi regulator off the tank. 1/2 inch black pipe to T to needle valve to copper tubing to burner. Needle valve works great. Got it at Here's a pic...
  11. WillWyn

    Gas Plumbing for Single Tier

    Great info and pics. Thank you.
  12. WillWyn

    Gas Plumbing for Single Tier

    The welding on my first single-tier stand is almost complete and it's time to start thinking about plumbing for the propane. I'm looking for information on, and/or pictures of, how to get from the propane tank to the burners. I've got three Banjo burners and a 20psi regulator. A length of...
  13. WillWyn

    Whirlpool chiller design

    Has anyone ever had an issue with wort recirculation only going to the inside of the chiller coil? I am currently building my own whirlpool chiller and am designing it to split the recirculation to go both inside and outside the coil. Any thoughts? Am I wasting my time?
  14. WillWyn

    Stir bar woes, aka, is this normal?

    Glue gun is a good idea. I epoxied a large washer to the center of the cpu fan, then just put the magnet on the washer. This allows you to adjust the magnet until you get it where you need it.
  15. WillWyn

    Stir bar woes, aka, is this normal?

    What size bar are you using? I started off with a 3" bar and couldn't get it to hold. Switched to a 1" bar and it works like a champ. I use a 2000ml flask and get enough of a dimple to facilitate good O2 exchange.
  16. WillWyn

    Mendocino Red Tail Ale recipe question

    Getting ready to brew a Mendo Red Tail Ale clone tomorrow. Calls for 3.5 oz. of Victory malt. Just realized I use all my Victory on my last brew. Any ideas on a substitution? This is for a five gallon recipe.
  17. WillWyn

    Fuller's 1845 clone?

    I've seen a few different variations of a recipe for this tasty brew, but they all seemed to be kind of speculative. Anything tried and true?
  18. WillWyn

    Repitching question

    I brewed up a batch of stout, and came up with an OG of 1.084. After three weeks in the primary, I've got a gravity of 1.034. I thought I had pitched enough yeast, per Mr. Malty's yeast pitching calculator, but for whatever reason, it stopped where it did. I'm going to rack to a secondary...
  19. WillWyn

    Oaked Bourbon Stout Question

    Brewed an oaked bourbon stout today. Soaked 3 oz. oak cubes in Jim Beam for 3 weeks. Put the oak cubes and bourbon into primary. Did I screw up by putting cubes and bourbon into primary as opposed to secondary, as the recipe called for? Will this affect fermentation?
  20. WillWyn

    Coolers for Mash Tun?

    I have a brewing friend who doesn't like the idea of using plastic coolers for mash tuns because of possibility of plastic compounds leaching into the mash from the heat of the water. Any thoughts on this? Are coolers made of food grade plastic?