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    Busted Recipe

    Thanks for the DME advice - next time I forget fermentables during the boil process that's how I will fix it. Three days in the fermentor, looks like the process is slowing down after couple of vigourous days. Normally, slowdown doesn't happen until 6 days or so. I think I'll bottle after...
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    Busted Recipe

    I boiled up an extract recipe for a 5 gal batch of california common, put it in the fermenter two days ago, and now realize I left out half of the liquid extract during the boil step, so the final beer will be 2.8% alchohol instead of the 4.9% I intended. Would adding a liter of vodka bring...
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    Bottle comparisons...TIA

    I like 16oz EZ cap bottles best - bottling time saved is worth the extra bottle cost IMO. Buddy of mine bought a couple of full cases of Grolsh in EZ cap bottles, has been reusing them for home brew with no bottle bombs as far as I know. Wish I had though of that before i accumulated by EZ cap...