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  1. Boston Brew Guy

    Oktoberfest Ale and Gellatin

    I am making an Oktoberfest Ale. It had malto-dextrin added in the boil. If I use gellatin will it take the MD out and reduce the body of the finished product? Also can you pitch on a yeast cake, or wash the yeast if you use gellatin?
  2. Boston Brew Guy

    Thread Moving

    Just out of curiosity, why are threads about extract kits being moved? Aren't those related to brewing with extracts? I'm just wondering because thats where I would post one.
  3. Boston Brew Guy

    Which Should I Age?

    I picked up these beers from a liquor store with a huge selection. They do a wild six promotion that gets you 15% off of each six. I bought two mixed six packs. Anyone have any opinions on what beers here are better to age, and what are better to drink now? I drank the Yeti, it was the best RIP...
  4. Boston Brew Guy

    Stopping Carbonation

    I have a beer that was bottled after 1 month in primary. The FG ended up a little off from the expected FG. I tried everything to restart it, and it did go down some more. It started at 1065 and is now 1020. It was supposed to end at 1016. Through the question I have asked here it appears that...
  5. Boston Brew Guy

    Stone Vertical Epic 07

    The liquor Store near me has a few of the 07 vertical epics. Are these a good beer? They are fairly expensive, so I would rather not buy one if they are considered to be a gimmick or overrated.
  6. Boston Brew Guy

    Banana Taste

    I just tried a sample from Power Pack Porter from Midwest and it tastes and smells like bananas. I fermented it at a constant temp of 64 degrees. The reading was from a Fermometer on the carboy. I thought the banana properties came from fermenting over 70. It has been two weeks in primary. Is...
  7. Boston Brew Guy

    Solution to Fermometer Peeling

    Hi all. I just wanted to pass along a technique I have been using. I noticed that some people were complaining that their Fermometers peel apart when they soak their carboys in a tub of water. I took a clear plastic stick on pouch for a FedEx package, cut the top non-adhesive layer off and...
  8. Boston Brew Guy

    Fermentation Question

    I am making a Porter from a Midwest supplies kit. It has been in primary for a little over a week, but the gravity hasn't changed in a few days. It started around 1065 and got down to 1030 within a couple days. It is still at 1030. I shook it a couple days ago to get the yeast back into...
  9. Boston Brew Guy

    Oktoberfest Ale

    I am getting close to bottling my first beer. It was the Power Pack Porter kit from Midwest. It will spend 1 month in primary then I will bottle. I have about two weeks until my primary will be empty, so I want to start ordering my supplies. I would like to do an Oktoberfest, but lack the...