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    Sanitizing a CFC

    Just finished building my CFC per Cheyco's design (very, very easy!), and was wondering: how do all you CFC users sanitize, drain, keep clean, etc. your CFC? I have read about storing them with sanitizer solution in them, is this good practice?
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    ring around the carboy - off flavor?

    So I was racking my latest batch over from secondary (5 gal carboy) to a keg last night, and when I got down near the bottom noticed a sort of yeasty looking ring on the glass about 4 inches from the bottom of the carboy - maybe about 1/16 of an inch from top to bottom of the ring. Colorwise...
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    Yet another AG convert

    hey all - I joined the masses today with my first AG batch. Just got an American Ale "kit" from morebeer since I don't have a grain mill yet or a decent LHBS that actually stocks grain (sad but true). So the overall mash process went MUCH smoother than I ever expected it too. Not only the...
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    better boiling efficiency?

    Anybody ever thought about using something like this for getting better efficiency out of your burner? It works for backpacking stoves....why not for brew kettles? Just need some corrugated sheet metal big...
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    Epoxy in mash tun?

    Hey all you budding chemists: Is it safe from a toxicological standpoint to use epoxy cement on fittings that will be used in a mash tun? From what I know of epoxy, once it is cured it is pretty safe stuff. I am just working on a design for a cheap bulkhead and slotted pipe system that...
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    Aging - need to be refrigerated?

    I have a batch of Imperial Stout in secondary right now, and am ready to move it into a keg to age for a little while (few months?). Problem is that my beer fridge has been taken over somewhat by my better half, and only has room in it now for one Corny (the one that I am drinking from). Is...
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    braided stainless for mash/lauter tun

    I'm working on getting my AG equipment set up for first use, and thought that I was doing the right thing by going to HD and buying one of the short braided stainless plumbing hoses to use in the bottom of my cooler. Turns out you really have to pay attention though when buying one of these -...
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    Long fermentation?

    Hey all - I've been lurking for a while, finally decided to register and post. Great site and lots of good info. I am in fermentation right now for my first higher-gravity beer, an IPA with OG of 1.060. I used a starter (best thing I ever started using for the quality of my beer!!), and it...