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    Missouri zymurgy magazines for sale

    I have a number of back issues of zymurgy magazines for sale, listed below by Volume:Issue(s). Shipping will be about $5 for most items (USPS Priority Mail). Prices as below or make an offer for one, some, or all. Photos upon request. 12:4. Yeast & Beer Special Issue. $8. 14:2,3. $5 each...
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    Will PID lose its memory if unplugged for months?

    My Auber PID has been unplugged for months while I was on brewing hiatus. Do I need to run the auto-tune again, or will it have retained the parameters?
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    Add 120v breaker to a spa panel?

    I have a clone of jkarp's Countertop Brutus. This system uses about 16.5 amps of 120V, so I need a 20A receptacle. But there are no 20A circuits in the basement of my "new" house. The breaker panel is a Sylvania/Zinsco panel, and new breakers are not available for this panel. So my plan is to...
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    1/4 barrel slim keg keggle

    Thought I would post some photos of my keggle; I think it is unique. It's a "slim" 1/4 barrel keg (7.75 gallons). I'm using it in a setup that's a clone of jkarp's Countertop Brutus. It is replacing an aluminum turkey fryer pot that I wasn't happy with. All fittings were silver-soldered on.
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    Brewing Techniques Magazines

    I have the following issues of Brewing Techniques for sale: 1994 Volume 2: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 See for information about each issue. Make me an offer. Ships from St. Louis.
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    WTB: Keg tool

    I want to buy, borrow, or rent a "keg tool" for making a dimple in the keg wall for soldering on a coupler. Like GreenMonti's keg tool. Anyone have one for 1/2" fittings that they would be willing to sell or loan me?
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    What's this on my new element?

    This is a new 2000W 120V copper element, and it has clear plastic tubing-like material at the base of each leg of the element. Should I try to cut this off, or not worry about it?