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    Kidproof keezer??

    Thanks Jaysus. That may just be what I was looking for.
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    Kidproof keezer??

    I probably will have to just disconnect the lines. I was just hoping someone had built a cover or something that may work.
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    Kidproof keezer??

    Has anyone come up with a solution to keep small kids from pulling the taps on your keezer? The tap locks are kind of expensive and unscrewing the handles still leaves something to be played with. I have all the stuff to build the collar and attach the taps but my searches have not provided...
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    First Starter

    Hey Guys, First post but have learned everything I know about brewing from this forum over the last few years. Made my first starter tonite. I'm probably the first guy to stare at the vortex for like 20 mins right? I finally walked away for 2 mins and when I came back guess what?? It was still...