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    Hop Root Balls (established rhizomes) - Albany, NY

    I have 1 each of the following hop plants. Centennial Golding Nugget Willamettte Cascade Chinook In the ground, dormant as of this post. These have been established for 3-4 years. Root balls are very large. Best offer or free. Castleton, NY
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    Albany, NY - Fresh Organic Hops - First Offer

    Albany area. Ready now. Enough to fill a few 5 gallon buckets. Cascade mostly, little of a few others. First acceptable offer (won't take much) or free. I just dont want them wasted. It was a good year, these are great hops. I will cut them down for you when you come, so they will...
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    Albany, NY Kegging, CO2, Beer gas, Fresh Hops, & More

    Downsizing brewery and bar. If it is still listed, it is still available. Everything is used, but well maintained (except the freezer which is broke). Will ship small items if not gone in 1 week. 2 - 5 gallon ball lock Corny kegs with quick disconnects - $30 each (pending sale) 1 -...
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    Keezer Collar Problem

    Background: I had hoped to build a collar that was connected to the lid for ease of loading and line management purposes. However, the retards that built the freezer I got put the springs inside the lid, not on the outside like most. I do not want to buy spring hinges and risk...
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    Serving line length for beer gas

    Can someone tell me the recommended beverage out line length/diameter for serving stout on beer mix through a restrictor plate stout faucet. Thanks.
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    Cork 12oz. beer bottles?

    I am trying to figure the best way to bottle my still mead. I cannot see myself ever drinking more than a glass at a time, so I would like to put it into as small of bottles as possible. I also may want it to age for a year +, so I am thinking corks. Suggestions on my best option please?
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    Phil's sparge arm - Albany, NY

    Anyone interested. It is used. I will send a picture. Make offer or trade offer.
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    Stuck quick disconnect.

    So, I put my gas in line quick disconnect onto my beer out post. Now it will not come off. Anyone have this happen? Advice on how to get off? I tried brute force. No luck.
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    Thoughts on my experiment

    I have a mini experiment going on that I could use some sage advice. I know the brews I am experimenting with are not the traditional styles that would be made into wild beers. I have been setting aside 1 gallon of some of my brews over the last 8 months or so. 1 of IPA, 1 American Brown...
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    Combining fermented beer with unfermented

    I have my reasons, but I have 2 gallons of fermented brown ale (1 week in primary) that I want to combine with 2 gallons of yet to be fermented wort. Is there a reason not to do this? Will I need to add fresh yeast?
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    I have a crapload of chestnuts. I understand you can make beer with them. Contact: I am wondering if anyone has done this or at least knows how to use chestnuts to make beer (Boil/mash, how long, roast vs no roast, chestnuts:barley ratio, etc...). Thanks.
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    Wet Hop Recipe Help

    Can anyone help me out with an extract/mini mash recipe for a wet hopped American Pale Ale. I mostly prefer straight forward lighter pale ales. I will have about 1-2 quarts of cascade and a pint of centennial. I have no idea what this would equate to as far as dry equivalent ounces. I am...