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    Nitro Gas Mix

    I currently have a very short amount of line running from the keg to the faucet. When they local HBS set me up, I only ended up with about 4 feet... could this be my problem, and if so, is it worth trying 16 feet? I plan on running a stout or cream ale primarily on that faucet. Further...
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    Perlick stout attachment?

    Don't put off the stout faucet/nitro gas mix for too long. I converted over about a month ago and love my stout! It's a crowd pleaser too... and the start of many conversations. It usually starts with comments on the different style of faucet, then goes crazy when the guests see the...
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    Nitro Gas Mix

    I recently switched over from CO2 to Nitro/CO2 mix, because I'm running a stout faucet on one of my lines. I only have room for one cylinder in my cooler, along with the two kegs. However, my other beer (currenlty an amber ale) is extremily foamy. Will it help to increase the tube length...
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    Stout Faucet & CO2

    I have a stout that is going into a keg next week. I have a regular faucet and a stout faucet, ready to go. Currently I only have CO2 running, and I'm waiting for my Nitrogen/CO2 mix to come in. I tried running an ale through the stout faucet, just to see that it was working (flowing)...
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    Kegging Cream Soda

    Thanks... I knew I was going to have to change the o-rings out, but didn't think about additional line length, or even keeping dedicated o-rings for soda.
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    Kegging Cream Soda

    Cool. That was initial plan; thanks. BTW, what is AFAIK?
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    Flavor additives for Hefe?

    About ten days ago I added just over 2 oz of a cherry flavor to a wheat beer; placed it in the bottom of the keg and siphoned the beer over top of it. That keg went empty last night... I agree with Forest - 2 oz is an almost perfect amount for 5 gallons. There's almost more of an aroma than...
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    Kegging Cream Soda

    I've never made a soda before, so any/all advice is welcome... I'm planning on doing a Gnome Cream Soda with Slenda, then kegging. After kegging, do I just charge it like my beer? Do I need to run it through different lines? Am I better off bottling, and if so - do I need to use sugar...
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    Racking Cider

    The guy at the local brew store (picked up what I need for a stout) said to crash cool it... is that going to help? and for how long?
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    Salt in my beer - lots of it. Any hope?

    Use it as a broth and boil 5lbs of carnitas in a boil pot (not the same one you use for you beer, obviously). Boil it, until the liquid is gone. Once the liquid is gone the carnitas will be tender. Pull it all apart, lightly fry it in olive oil in a fry pan and serve on small corn tortillas...
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    Gassy Beer

    Thanks all! Sounds like he (we) are just out of luck for the time being... I appreciate it.
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    Gassy Beer

    I'm getting a complaint from a frequent visitor (and drinker) that my beer gives him gas... does it have anything to do with the yeast still being active? It's a Hef that went into the keg and cooler about a week ago.
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    Racking Cider

    Perfect! Thanks again. I appreciate the insight. I've probably brewed 25 batches of beer (and one cider 5 years ago) but I haven't done anything recently. It's amazing how much of the small stuff you forget when you go so long in between...
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    Guiness Clone

    I'd have to agree with you (McSwiggin'), and it's my posting... Not only did I get info on a good clone, but I've already gone out and picked up a Nitro mix to hook up. Thanks Guys.
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    Racking Cider

    I'm going to keg it, and then carbonate it with forced CO2, like I do my beer (I assume that's okay). How does cider work on Nitro? Ever try it? Anyways, if I keg it and charge it with gas, what's my best bet in sweetening it?
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    Cider Sweetness

    What if you've already pitched the yeast and your just sitting around, waiting, and it's slowly losing it's sweetness (and gratefully obtaining more alcohol content)...
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    Racking Cider

    Any suggestions on sweetening? I racked it last night and it's a little dry... 5 gallons of juice/cider mix to start plus four lbs of dark brown sugar prior to pitching yeast. I assume most of the sugar is gone and turned into that even sweeter desired substance called alcohol... If I cold...
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    Racking Cider

    Thanks... that's what I was afraid of. So, just rack it and let it sit again? At any point is it good to place it in a cooler spot, or even a cold spot to help with clarification?
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    Dry Hopping

    Thanks Guys! This is what I assumed... but I wanted to make sure. I appreciate it.
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    Racking Cider

    I started a batch of cider a couple of weeks ago. After pitching the yeast it went off like crazy for a number of days, then stopped. It's not doing anything now. From what I've read, I'm probably going to let it sit (for a long time), and eventually in colder temperatures to help clarify it...