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    A couple of questions...n00b recipe

    Thanks for that. Recipe is as follows: 6 lbs Dried Wheat Extract (60% wheat-40% barley) 1/2 Crystal Malt - 10L (steeped 30 mins) 1 lb Carapils/Dextrin Malt (steeped 30 mins) 4 oz Wheat Flakes - added for last 10 minutes of boil 3/4 oz Tettnang Hops - bittering hops (boiled 60 mins)...
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    A couple of questions...n00b recipe

    I'm new to homebrewing, made a couple of batches but not much yet. The guy at my local homebrew store convinced me that making a Bavarian Wheat beer would be a good way to go for my next attempt. Sounded good so I got all the stuff I need. My questions are: 1. Previously I've used hop...