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    back from Ireland, beer report

    Yeah, we'll be staying the whole 4 weeks in Corrig Village. Im a Civil Engineering student at Univ of California Davis. Im packed to fly out Thursday morning, if I get some pictures I'll post them up when I can. Anybody ever been to a Gaelic Football match? I hear its like rugby but the ball...
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    Anyone ever drink Kava?

    Kava tea is great, look for Kava Kava extracts. makes you chill out, get really relaxed for up to 3 hours. sorry no psychadelic journeys while listening to Pink Floyd records. its alright, too organic for me.
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    back from Ireland, beer report

    Galway! Limerick! Im leaving to study for 4 weeks in Galway this thursday with summer abroad! I was planning on making an excursion down to Cork during one of our weekends and I'll take a tour of the Guiness storehouse in Dublin before my exit flight. For those who have been, what were your...
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    is homebrew better than commercial beer?

    "beauty lies in the eye of its beholder", if you prefer homebrew flavors and aromas over anything storebought, you might be led to think homebrewed beer is better than commercial beer. OLD members and NEW voice your opinions
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    Never Ending Word Thread

    peer pressure peer pressure
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    If you're into West Coast IPA's

    boiling time counts down? usually from 60 down to 0, right?