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    priming elder flower champagne

    hi all i want to prime my 5 gallon batch of elder flower champagne which now sits at 0.90 i did some reasearch and it says prime it with a cup or 1 1/4 cup of corn sugar per 5 gallons. I have made an elderflower syrup earlier this year which i want to use to prime my wine. 80 heads of...
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    Elderflower wine stuck fermentation

    I did elderflower wine from cordial, diluted down to taste with water and pitched wlp775 champagne yeast It's been 7weeks and the gravity only went down to 1070. There was lots of airlock activity but gas now stopped I have thiamin tables I want to add to boost the yeast Now there's silva...
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    Hefe 1010

    I have this hefeweizen in primary so far and it's down to 1010 in just over two weeks WLP 380 the yeast used and 3kg wheat and 3kg Vienna Temperature is at 17C at the moment Will I wait another week before bottling or shall I rack off and wait two more weeks before bottling Thanks
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    low carbonation

    i have an irish red that has very little carbonation but so faith its nearly not there i did prime with 70g of sugar instead of 110g so can i open all the bottles and add carbonation drops in each bottle and re cap will that screw the beer or will it work?
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    most hefeweizen call for pilsner i dont like the taste of pils so can i substitute the pils to vienna malt?
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    ec 118

    im about to brew some elderflower champagne in the coming weeks last year i used ec 118 yeast but i feel it leaves a lot of sulphites taste and smell what other yeast can i use for an elderflower champagne style brew
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    Beer transport

    I just bottled 2 outstanding beers, an ipa and an apa. At bottling they taste super great Now I need to wait but also transport them a bumpy 15 mile journey into s cellar for bottle conditioning Does the bumpy ride and shaking about oxidise beer Will they spoil if there is too much agitation and...
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    Plastic s sanke connection

    Hi I'm a complete noob into this amazing work of kegging I got 6 s sanke 20L SS kegs that came with these plastic connections Can I use them as taps? How will I pressurise the beer in the keg Are these things if any use
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    Heinneken keg

    After opening 6 of these kegs i can comfortably say i can open one of these in under 5 minutes but could it be made easier if i remove the side clip once and for all. will that still hold a seal for my home brew?
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    Heineken keg

    After opening 6 of these Heineken kegs I can say I pretty much figured it out and can do it in under 5 minutes But.. Can I disable the side clip and still be able to keg my brew in these kegs?
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    Opening beer kegs

    Can I open, sanitise re pressure and reuse these kegs? Any links to what are they called and how it's done Thanks
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    Wit beer and Hefeweissen

    I understand that these beers need to be drank young and quick so they don't go rancid and cidery tasting. how can i stop this so as to prolong their shelf life. i can't drink 40 pints of this style of beer in 3 weeks! can i barrel condition then bottle afterwards or pasteurize?
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    Dark crystal malt 250 ecb

    What can I do with 2.5kg of dark crystal Can someone suggest me recipes to look into using as much of this dark crystal as possible I have other grain available that I can mix with it but 2.5kg is a lot to be carrying and it expires in September
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    Star San

    I'm using star San for the first time and I need to clarify a few things I'm using a bottle rinser one of these spring loaded ones , makes the job pretty easy, Star San is foaming loads and when do I know it's spent Should it foam so much Is a few pushes enough to sanitise?
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    On the eve of paddies day

    I am a big fan of Irish red ales and have done 2 of the high talked about IRA on this forum and can't decide which one I like the most (both were excellent) So without upsetting anyone I would like to start a pole about which Irish red ale have you brewed and favour from the featured recipes on HBT
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    Krausen seeping out

    I just noticed some krausen leaked out of my Belgian wit (wlp 400) I can't say when but I know why, not enough head space Sunday it was bubbling beautifully and today wednesday I came back to check on it and found the soil. Is it ruined? Can it be fixed ? Shall I keep going with the...
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    Carrying too much Vienna

    I have 10lbs of Vienna malt which will expire in May It's crushed and ready, sealed under vacuum What beer recipes or styles can I go for to quickly get rid of it in ideally 1 batch maybe 2 beers? Thanks
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    Removing valve

    I'm trying to remove the valve on a Guinness keg I want to clamp a 2inch ferrule to it I found a very informative way to remove the valves and cut them for keggels, but these are different There is no clip to pull out and the outer ring is impossible to yank it out of its housing Any advice...
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    home made sanitiser

    is this a good non rise sanitizer 20L water 30ml white vinegar 30ml non scented bleach add vinegar to water then bleach can i trust this for buckets and bottles? any suggestions
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    Elderflower champagne

    I have a batch of this champagne which is taking forever to ferment It went from 1030 to 1026 in 10 days There are bubbles coming out regularly and I started this on the first week of August . The fermentation room temperature is 20-21 degrees Why is it taking so long to dry? Sent from my...