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    Beer is too bitter?

    The first 3 brews I've made have all turned out much to bitter for my taste, the first two were darker, both amber and extract kits from my local home brew store (questionable at best). The most recent was AHS Texas Blond which I chose thinking it would be much less bitter yet it also turned...
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    AHS Miami Weiss Ale

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but has anyone tried this. It sounds like Leinenkugels summer shandy which I like a lot.
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    What parts do I need to keg?

    I purchased a kegging set up on craigslist recently that was for commercial kegs (it's one of the beverage factory ones from all the labels on stuff) and it includes a co2 tank (10lb maybe, about 6in diameter, 18in high) dual gauge regulator, door taper (for fridge) and a sanke tap. To keg...
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    Converting from commercial kegs

    I'm looking to get into kegging my beer so I don't have to worry about bottles and all that and I'm wondering how much would be required to convert this kit I found on craigslist to use with Carney kegs? "Complete beer keg dispenser. Includes 2 CO2 Cylinders, Regulator, Tap, and hoses...
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    First Cider Questions

    I'm thinking about making my first cider. I was planning on using a 6.5 gal ale pale and fill it almost all the way up (6+ gal) to minimize air space. Hoping to have a drinkable product by Halloween (I know people say it needs to age but I just just want something halfway decent now). I'm...
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    Yuengling Lager copy

    I just brewed my first batch of beer last week and I'm going to start another soon. I was wondering what extract kit would be similar to a Yuengling Lager. It's hot enough here the I could probably only brew with ale yeast (68F) but I'd be happy with something close.
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    Questions about water

    First of all, I have well water, and for my first batch I boiled 3 gallons early in the day and then cooled and poured it into the primary for later (when I added 2 more gallons of extract/water) was boiling it necessary? Also I don't have an auto siphon and the instructions say to fill my...