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  1. frankthetank0516

    Long time in the primary

    Hey so I've had a batch it a plastic primary fermenter for About 5 months now, should I toss it or is it still ok to bottle ?
  2. frankthetank0516

    Fermentation variation question

    Hey I put my amber ale into the primary fermenter on monday the 15th. I ordered a secondary better bottle but it was out of stoppers so i have been waiting to recieve it. I think i will have the beer in my primary for 3 weeks then put it into the secondary. I know 3 weeks in the primary is no...
  3. frankthetank0516

    Few Fermenting Questions

    Hey, I ordered a better bottle online but they don't have stoppers so they are waiting to send it for about a week. I have an amber ale sitting in the primary. I know the saying is 1-2-3 but would it matter if i did 2-1-3? or even 2-2-2? Does the station the beer is in matter or is it...
  4. frankthetank0516

    Quick Question

    What happend if i didnt add the hops as soon as i saw the first bubble in the boil?
  5. frankthetank0516

    drying bottles

    After you sanitize your bottles, do you guys rinse? and if you dont have a bottle tree, do you just let them sit out in the open untill they dry, or do you just fill them up still wet inside?
  6. frankthetank0516

    First Brew! Scared i might have messed up.

    So i finished my first brew tonight, everything went well untill i pitched my yeast. I might have done it too early but i do see a few bubbles in the air lock. I think i might have put it in there at about 85-90 degrees, hopefully i didnt ruin them
  7. frankthetank0516

    New kit on the way, few questions

    I ordered my homebrew kit from midwest and its on its way, it should get here wed. I got the irish red ale recipe kit as well, any pointers on how to make the kit come out better, or should i just follow the directions? Thanks
  8. frankthetank0516

    Best Recipe Kits

    Hey Im going to order my first equiptment kit and recipe kit from midwest, and i was wondering if anyone knows which recipe's are the best and if anyone has every used one from there. Also if you have any sites that sell good recipe kits at a good price thanks