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    Check out my labels

    This is my first time working on a label. I'm using inkscape vector illustrator. What do y'all think, any suggestions?
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    fermentation problem?

    Hi, this is my first time to brew a lager, so I'm still a little green behind the ears. Its a bohemian lager. I was using liquid wyeast, and started it 3 days before. After I brewed the wort I pitched the yeast at 75 dF and put it in the fridge at 50 degrees. My fridge has been fluctuating in...
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    very bad brew day

    Today was my worst. I had just finished pitching the yeast in and aerating my colonial ipa in a glass carboy. So I put the airlock & stopper in, and go to put it in my brew closet. Well my closet was full of kegs and a c02 tank, so i set the carboy down and pick up the tank to move it, and i...