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    Brewtarget 1.1 - Free open source brewing software

    Wow, right on! Thanks a lot!
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    Low pressure vs. high pressure Propane

    To follow up on this in case someone else is at the same point, I ended up plumbing an 11WC regulator inline with the furnace valve and an LP Hurricane. kept the manifold on the high pressure regulator for the other burners. Works very well. -Cheers!
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    Brewtarget 1.1 - Free open source brewing software

    Hey man, this looks pretty nice! I've been using strangebrew java on linux but since the layout doesn't work on my new little netbook (fermentables, hops are too squished to be of use) I thought I'd try this guy out. (thanks for the deb) The resizing/maximizing on the netbook displays very...
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    keg / keggles in canada

    Check your scrapyards' stainless pile for sanke's. That princess auto thing is killer.
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    brewing with linux

    Gee nobody seems to have mentioned the java version of strangebrew: StrangeBrew Java Download link at the bottom. 100% free, probably runs anywhere but I've only used it on linux. -Cheers!
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    Low pressure vs. high pressure Propane

    Yeah, three low pressure burners fed from one regulator makes sense. That's is what I'm doing with high pressure right now. It would also prepare the path for automating the HLT. Right now its all 1/2" pipe fed from the 1/4" (or so) hose from the tank. The furnace valve is 3/4". I think the...
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    Low pressure vs. high pressure Propane

    Hey there, I'm busy working out how to automate my single tier direct-fire recirc sanke mash tun. Initially I planned on simply using a furnace valve with LP conversion, rigged it all up, then noticed that it couldn't handle the 10 PSI needed to fire the standard 55,000 BTU burners I'm...
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    March pump mad

    I had ship mine to Canada recently; the Vancouver distributor didn't have them in stock and charged more. Prompt, good people on the phone who know the score, with fast email response. The key is that they ship using USPS - not UPS, which will incur vast customs charges that would...
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    Lost a tank of gas....leaky top on my corny

    FWIW, I routinely double up on the big O rings for my used conies.