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    Dandelion wine

    Yup, just dandelions and honey.
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    Dandelion wine

    I find fermented oranges always taste rotten (never had a jaom I liked). Even screwdrivers taste a bit off to me. I made a dandelion mead a few years ago that tasted rather like chamomile tea.
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    Wonder what this is making?

    This zombie post will kill you. Please punish me. I'm a pundit.
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    Measuring alcohol content

    The formula you have is from C J J Berry and does give ABV. It is close to eadavis80's formula, however yours estimates on the high side (1000/7.36 = 136). As such if one of the formulas had to be abw, it would be (og-fg)131.5, because abw is less than abv. There are many formulas to...
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    Alch teading.

    You can use the discrepancy of a refractometer and hydrometer to estimate alcohol in a wine without knowing the initial sugar content of the must. via the formula A = 0.833A.R. − 0.996A.H. + 3.927 where A is alcohol content, A.R. is apparent refractometer Brix, and A.H. is apparent...
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    Carrot wine is delicious!

    My gallon I started on 2014-01-24 turned out quite nice. It is tart and has a decent oder of carrot. As a whole, the flavor is strange but not unpleasent. It is also thick (very heavy body) despite being dry and 13% ABV. Not my favorite, but pleasent enough to make more.
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    Forgot to get my OG

    The calculator defaults to your stated SG. The SG field probably did not update after you entered water volume and honey weight.
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    Forgot to get my OG

    GotMead gives 1.108 SG. Fun with math: Honey is 82% sugar¹ 82% of 3 lbs is 2 lbs 7 oz This takes a total volume of 1 gal to 1.117 SG² Of course, you could just use bernardsmith's simplified rule ;} What calculator did you use? ¹ This number pulled from Wikipedia. GotMead defults...
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    Did I mess up my first batch :(?

    Relax. The increased weight in the airlock means the pressure has to build up more in the fermentation chamber. Even if the pressure never builds up to the point that the airlock bubles, fermentation has not halted due to fiddling with the airlock.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Check the second post; you might laugh.
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    Missing Fruit Wine ingredient

    I would guess yeast, by its absence from your list. It could also be nutrients for the yeast. You'll need these before you begin. If you are missing the yeast, try to find out the type the kit is supposed to have. Different yeasts can impart different flavors, although any wine yeast will...
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Standard clover honey mead. Started February of 2013, bottled earlier this month.
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    Too Much Yeast?

    As yeast are living organisms, their populations are not static. A population of yeast will double is size in the early stages of fermentation roughly every hour and a half. By the time fermentation is rolling along, the yeast population has exploded exponentially (well logistically might be...
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Dandelion mead
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    specific gravity

    It's probably the alcohol. Alcohol has a different refractive index than water, and will give higher readings when present in a solution than if the solution was only sugar water.
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    Measuring alcohol level

    Alcohol (vol/vol) = (1.646 * RBRIX) – (2.703 * (145 – 145/SG)) – 1.794 Copy paste is annoying on my phone.
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    Measuring alcohol level

    You can use the discrepancy in the refractometer and hydrometeter to estimate alcohol...
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    Mixed Berry Mead

    This is not to be opened until the comming equinox. Waiting is.
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    Mixed Berry Mead

    Maybe some day I'll learn patience. Truthfully, we've only had racking leftovers. Our anniversary will mark the sixth month of aging. This might be the first time I've ever wanted to cheat on my wife. ;}
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    Mixed Berry Mead

    It is quite tasty. This is my wife's and my favorite drink so far. She even asked me to start a batch to give as gifts.