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    Natural Carbonating in Keg

    I'm looking to naturally carb in the keg for the first time, I usually force carb but I now have more kegs than keggerator space. Back in the days when I bottled (years ago) I remember needing to heat the sugar with water to dissolve it before mixing in the bottling bucked to ensure the sugar...
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    One Time Use Carboys

    When I buy filtered water I often get a 4-5 gallon bottle from the grocery store that comes in a recyclable carboy. It's meant to be used once and then be put out for recycling. I was considering using these as a carboy as I'd get them when starting a batch, they are already clean and sterile...
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    Wine Fermentation Question

    I'm a beer brewer at heart, but have decided to test out a wine kit. I just moved and most of my gear is in storage and Costco had a kit for 2 batches including gear for just over $100 so I bit. I figure with the gear included alone it was worth almost $100. The kit is a Traminer (White) and...