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    Selling everything: Brutus 10 system, 8 tap kegerator, and supplies/equipment!

    Selling the entire lot for $3500. Just got home from legoland. A guy left me a message to put a deposit down for the lot, will post tomm. if the guy is serious or not.
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    Selling everything: Brutus 10 system, 8 tap kegerator, and supplies/equipment!

    SOLD I am selling my entire homebrewing system and supplies, packaged together. This includes a Brutus 10 propane system (15 gallon), 8 tap kegerator, 18 cu ft upright freezer (fermentation chamber), old fridge/freezer, and all the supplies you would need. I do not have time to brew beer...
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    Half price BYO magazine subscription

    I'm interested. How I get it?
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    Second thoughts on a cold room.

    You can age meat in a cool room :D
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    Label help

    How about... Baa-Berry Lambic
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    NanoBrewery build

    As far as the federal and state taxes goes, do you pay for the amount you sell or make?
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    RIMS Build

    I will be building this exact system... can't wait.. :D
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    35 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank - Craiglist

    35 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank for Brewing or Biodiesel Not sure if anyone needs, but this is one crazy tank...
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    getting labels off

    Oxyclean +1 - longer they sit the less glue residue left on the bottles.
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    RIMS Build

    How would you switch between 240v and 120v on the 5500 element?
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    Apfelwein, what's the draw?

    I brew 15 gallons (Demi-Jon) as often as I can...
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    Florida Water?

    I also buy wal-mart bottles.
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    Tampa Bay Brewers

    Are you the owner?
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    LHBS in the Tampa Bay Area

    Theres a place located north on 66st from park blvd on left called beer and wine pantry. I must say its not the greatest, however, they do have some things. The lack of appropiate LHBS makes me want to open one up...
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    Sidestepping a Law

    I live in tampa bay, got 3 brewery's locally
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    Tampa Brew Pub

    I have yet to go there yet myself. I do know there another brew pub about to open up in tampa, not sure on its location yet, but head down to downtown dunedin for dunedin brewery.... good beer n food
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    Brewing with the Kids?

    My son is 7 months now... by 2 he will be able to pour the perfect draft and distinguish between different bottle colors… save me from getting up and down… :D
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    10491.5 + 10 = 10501.5
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    Buying cornelius/tank on CL

    Ha, not yet :)