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    Very, very little hop aroma. Confused. Ideas?

    So I brewed up a Three Floyds GumballHead Clone three weeks ago using this recipe: Grain Bill (70% Efficiency assumed) 6 lbs. - Wheat Malt 5 lbs. - 2-Row Pale Malt 1 lb. - Caravienne Malt Hop Schedule (27 IBU) 1/4 oz. - Amarillo - First Wort Hop 1/4 oz. - Amarillo - 60 min. 1/2...
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    What would you offer for this CL brew rig?

    This is copy and pasted from the ad. I didn't put the asking price bc I didn't want any answers to be skewed by it. I sold all my all grain brew stuff last year before moving to Spain. I am back in the US now and want to get back into the hobby, even more seriously this time. Also, what...
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    CO2 in NW indianapolis

    Does anyone know a good place to exchange CO2 tanks in indianapolis?? This will be my first attempt to do so here in Indy. Thanks so much!
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    Tasty AG or PM raspberry-choc stout or dbl. choc. stout recipe???

    I'm looking to brew either a AG or PM raspberry stout or a double chocolate stout. Anybody have any suggestions as to where i can look for recipes? Anyone have a recipe they have made and enjoyed??/ Thanks!
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    First All Grain this Saturday!

    So i'm diving into the world of AG after 4 or 5 extract batches. Just picked up a mash tun and keggle a few days ago. Went to the LHBS today, found a recipe, bought the ingredients, and ground the grain. I'm so exctied to make the jump. It feels more like "true" beer brewing. We're...
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    What is this for??? Beer kegging use??? (pic)

    [/url][/IMG] Ok so i found this guy with 5 1.5 CO2 tanks I had in my garage. The co2 tanks were used for soda and i'm sure this was used for that as well. It had liquid lines (i believe they were liquid lines) attached to both ends. Any ideas??
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    Adding Spice (paradise seed) to the primary or secondary??

    I just made a beligian wit from AHS. I was hoping to add a bit of paradise seed that i had purchased, but it slipped my mind. It has been in the primary for about a week. Could I just make a "tea" out of the spices and add the water to the primary (we were considering skipping the...
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    My first beer (2 years later)

    So i brewed my first beer about two years ago. It was an amber ale from a kit, that i brewed and bottled with seemingly few mistakes. The beer had a nasty almost metallic taste when i tried it weeks after bottling. A few months later, still gross. A year later, still bad. A year and a half...
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    Brewing mistake... what to expect????

    So we made the AHS Belgian White mini-mash last night... Everything was going great, until we started to cool the wert using a copper-coil wert cooler. The hose was connected, but not well enough and some of the hose water got into the wert. (I had just left a few minutes earlier to go to...
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    First kegged beer, tasted fine BEFORE kegging...

    I just kegged my first beer about a 1 1/2 weeks ago. It was a stout my brother and I brewed from a kit. We brewed, it went great, sat in the primary for a 1 1/2 weeks and the secondary for about a month. I bought a co2 tank, all the gas/beer lines, picnic tap, and a used cornie. I replaced...
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    AHS Belgian White Mini-mash question

    This is my first partial mash beer. The instructions say to soak the grains in 2 1/2 gallons of water @ 155 degrees for 45 mins. After that to dunk the bag a few times in and out and then place a strainer on a pot and put the grain bag in that strainer. It then says to pour 1 quart of...
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    Will this fridge work with a 2 cornie set up????

    I'm a newbie here who does alot of browsing I've got a CO2 tank and have an order in for the regulator and tubing, etc. I just need a fridge now and saw this on Craigs List for cheap. Anyone know if this would work for a 2 cornie...