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    Cheap Conical Idea

    Not sure if this is crazy, someone please tell me if it is. Would it be possible to use an upside-down Better Bottle carboy as a conical fermenter? I'm thinking you could port a hole in the bottom of the bottle that would allow a small ported stopper for the airlock. Then you could fashion...
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    I am brewing a wheat beer tonight using Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen. I would like to (if possible) use the yeast cake from this beer for a high gravity ale. I would like to make a saison, stout, or barleywine. I don't have a setup for mashing yet, so I'm stuck with extract recipes. Any...
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    Light Carbonation in Primary

    I have an apple cider similar to EdWort's recipe that finished fermenting about a week ago and is still in the primary fermenter. I siphoned some off into a glass last night and noticed that it is lightly carbonated. I was planning to leave it still, but this very light carbonation is really...
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    Random Yeast Question

    This idea popped into my head on my ride home from work today and it might be crazy but I figured I would ask anyways just out of curiosity. Would it be possible to ferment using two different yeasts at the same time? Would that add complexity if the two yeasts give different results? Or...