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  1. Alpine5654

    New Apple Wine Label Design

    HI Again, I'm working on a new Apple Wine label design. It needs some formatting still, but how is the general design? I tried to use fewer fonts this time, but I think it may need more contrast.
  2. Alpine5654

    First Crack at a label design

    This is my first crack at a beer label design. I've been doing my dads wine labels for years, but never liked them too much. I am interested in suggestions / comments to make it more appealing. Please fire away.
  3. Alpine5654

    US food reserves are nearly gone

    This is my 1st post on HBT. So I would just like to hello to all of you and I've enjoyed reading your posts over the last few months. I thought this article was important because without grains, we have NO beer. Taken from here: