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  1. thebeerengineer

    Columbia Carmel Stout

    Getting supplies for an extract brew. Here is what I have so far. 1/2 cup 8 o-clock Columbian fresh ground beans 1 lb roasted barley malt 1 lb chocolate malt 1 1b caramel malt 80L 6 lb Breiss Dark Extract Boiling-Cascade-20min Aroma-Crystal-5 Min Irish Ale Wyeast 1084 4.25 oz...
  2. thebeerengineer

    So first Year Hop Growers - how'd it turn out ?

    Below is a link to some pics of my first year cascade and crystal hop bines. I had a bad storm come through in June that knocked down my makeshift trelis. I plan to erect a much larger one next year, and plan to add some more varity to my garden. Any sugestions on good hop variities. I am...