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    Degassing...Foam Forever

    It is a kit and thank you very much for the tip.
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    Degassing...Foam Forever

    Newbie, degassing with drill attachment for the first time. I have been stirring for about an hour now. It foams up and I let it disperse. Restir and get more foam. Is there a difference between foam and CO2 bubbles? Do I just keep going until I have no bubbles or foam at all? Any guidance...
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    Zante Currants, wine kit, how to add?

    Thank you!!
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    Zante Currants, wine kit, how to add?

    About to do my first wine kits. Vintners Reserve Bordailles Rouge (Red Bordeaux) and Island Mist Black Raspberry Merlot A blackberry Merlot. I’ve read a couple of threads where it’s suggested to “add a pound of Zante Currants” to give body to a wine kit. Would someone please tell me exactly...
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    A new frontier in keg design- Plastic

    can someone link the other post?
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    Serious Question (Broken Thermometer in Beer)

    what a heartbreaker. i think those balls are coated with lead. not sure.
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    pushing a month before bottling

    you guys are making me really thirsty.
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    pushing a month before bottling

    thanks for the tips!!
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    pushing a month before bottling

    Oh wise ones give me your advice. Ok, here’s the deal, got two batches in primary’s. One is a wheat and the other a porter. Two full weeks will be up this weekend. Was planning on checking the FG and if they are good, bottling both. From what I have read here on the posts, (thank you) I...
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    South Central Pa. Brew-Day 5/31/08

    And who’s the guy in the background with the stick? Is he there to beat away trespassers and vagrants? Looks like a great time. I’m jealous.